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Jude Okoye’s Northside Inc. SUED for Copyright Infringement of Song Title ‘PORPORI’

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Jude Okoye Cynthia MorganThis news hit the internet in the first week of January while I was still on vacation. In case you missed it, check on it. Jude Okoye and Joy Tongo, please work on your talent. She is very rude and does not know how to speak in public. If she continues like this, she will get in the way of you making your money. Also, when she makes such remarks in public against a judge/judicial system, depending on the facts, she could be found in contempt of court. She is signed to your label and management respectively. It is your job to groom your talent and at a minimum, reduce her being such a walking liability for your brand and business. One artist will not spoil and should not spoil business for you because of her clear lack of self control/discipline.


Allegation: Copyright Infringement of Queen Ure’s song title ‘Porpori,’ a word Queen said she made up but Cynthia claims is a common word in their specific dialect.

Plaintiff: Singer Queen Ure

Defendants: Northside Inc. (owned by Jude Okoye), and Cynthia Morgan.

(Artists, note that Jude Okoye incorporated his business so Queen Ure could not sue him individually here, with the exception of a few instances inapplicable here. If you own a business, incorporate to shield yourself from liability directly in case of a lawsuit.)

Ms. Uduak’s Take: Typically song titles are not copyrightable both in Nigeria and the USA, although courts (in the USA) have said there are instances where they could be. Such instance is where the song title is connected to a song in a very unique and arbitrary way. The court also looks at the notoriety of the song in such instance.

If we buy Queen Ure’s version of the facts that she came up with the title of the song and it is unique to her, then we can see why a Federal court in Nigeria would grant  an injunction to Queen. If, however, Cynthia’s version is true and evidence can be shown that Porpori is a common term in one of Nigeria’s many local dialects, then Jude and Cynthia may want to challenge the court’s granting of an injunction and also move the court, through the appropriate motion, to dismiss Queen’s case. They can also counter sue Queen Ure and seek attorney fees and court costs.

Let’s see what happens in this case. In the meantime, can someone get Cynthia Morgan some mouth wash and tell her to calm down i.e. take several seats with the very rude attitude and terrible mouth. (By the way, there is no way she can last in this business with that kind of attitude and mouth, no way. I’ll put my money on it).



Queen Ure’s version:

Cythia’s version:

“Two female music acts, Queen Ure and Cynthia Morgan are at war following the release of Cynthia Morgan’s latest singe titled ‘Popori,’ a song which Queen Ure says belongs to her. Serious about enforcing her copyright on the matter, Queen Ure dragged Cynthia to court and she has emerged victorious on the first point as a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos on December 29, 2014 in suit no: FHC/L/CS/1987/14, has given an injunction restraining Cynthia Morgan, an artiste under the label of Psquare’s elder brother and manager, Jude Okoye-led Northside Entertainment Ltd and all other agents, promoters, DJs, Radio stations, TV stations, bloggers and every other person from publishing and distributing to the public the music track/single/album titled ‘Popori’ by Cynthia Morgan which is viewed as an infringement on Queen Ure’s copyright.

The court order, among many others, empowers Queen Ure to sue anyone in the business of recording, publishing, distributing to the public the music track/single/album titled ‘Popori’ which is a violation of her copyright…. ” ~ The Netng has the full story.


Queen Ore Injunction

Cynthia Morgan v Queen Ure 1Cynthia Morgan v Queen Ure 2Cynthia Morgan v Queen Ure 3Cynthia Morgan v Queen Ure 4


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  1. Belly Bola says:

    Despite Cynthia's classless rant, Queen Ure knows she's reaching by saying that they stole her music. These songs are not the same.

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