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Justin Bieber, Wizkid, Now Timi Dakolo’s Alleged Love Child, What Next?

The same week Timi Dakolo’s appearance on Factory 78 is published, which was last week, the internet buzzed with the story of Dakolo’s alleged love child, which he denies. That same week, on this side of the pond, Justin Bieber was accused of being a baby daddy and actually hurled into court to pay child support. Sheesh, talk about it being a totally gangster baby daddy drama week. Prior to these stories, Wizkid, almost two months ago, was rumored to also be a baby daddy. Boy did that come at a crazy time for my media company Ladybrille. He was our man of the month, during that period. So, what’s the real deal here?

Dakolo strikes me as a nice young man. But, if indeed the child is Dakolo’s, I am very unsympathetic to men that deny that the children they father are theirs to the public. In Dakolo’s story, unlike Bieber and Wizkid, it is alleged he hides the child because he got the baby mama preggers and is yet to marry her, some religious thingy. I believe that story is just bananas because an Idol West Africa winner, surely, would not have sex with a woman, have a child from that union and just plain deny the child? I wonder often if people think about the fact that years later, when these children age, they will hold these parents accountable?

We do not hear of cases of DNA testing in Nigeria where there are allegations of paternity. We certainly should. A fella should not get tied down and have to pay money when the kid isn’t his. At the same time, fellas, especially musicians, common na. If you can’t practice self control because all the girls are throwing themselves at you, definitely wear rubber. A slip up happens, you bring a child into the world, handle your responsibility and definitely do not deny you have a child. It will be very painful to your child, when he/she ages, to find out you just straight denied his/her existence. When you have a child you crossover from being a boy to a man. So, MAN UP. Talent is not enough. Character is also important and your children will hold you accountable. They could care less about your career.

Your career will only take you so far. At the end of the day, you will still have to come back to family, especially when you hit your 40s and above. I know and have seen, firsthand, how females throw themselves at males in professional sports and the entertainment industry. Fellas, you have to be smart and protect yourself. A few seconds of pleasure can cost a lifetime of drama, especially where you have a child in the mix. If you make money or have the appearance of making money, you are a magnet to both gold diggers and just plain crazy women. Crazy is fun but after a while, the ish gets old.

The same holds for women. There is nothing as terrible as a woman wrapper. Ladies in show biz, don’t just perform. Know the business of music like the back of your hand. Call your own shots. Read my blog to learn both the business and legal side of music, go online and research more and get with the program. Also as tough as it can be, don’t lose your head because you love someone. Contrary to popular opinion, myths and love songs you have heard or sing, love is not enough. It is a necessity but it is not sufficient. Otherwise, when you meet a fella and you fall in love, you can make the fatal mistake of handing over the care of all of your financial health to him. Bad idea. If he is not bringing money to the table and is overly eager to mange yours, then you are messing with a boy; and worse a gold digging boy and you need to leave that mess alone.

Enough said. Check out Timi Dakolo perform on Factory 78. Hopefully this week we do away with the baby mama drama. . .

“Singer Timi Dakolo is the proud father of a beautiful baby boy, Nigerian Entertainment Today‘s investigations have revealed.

The kid, named Alex Dakolo and born over a year ago, is the product of a pre-marital relationship between Timi and an ex-Zenith bank staff simply identified as Busola.

The singer has, curiously, denied several media reports about the existence of his love child. But those close to him assure us he’s Alex’s father and that his repeated denials only mean one thing : he’s desperate to keep his private life private.

‘He’s proud of his boy and his mother‘ one long time friend tells NET. ‘But he doesn’t want any drama. Plus he’s nervous about what the reaction of the Christian community would be; seeing he had the child out of wedlock‘.

If the christian community and indeed his religious mentors are upset with him; Mr Dakolo is now working to right his wrongs and do what’s right. We’re told he’s recently bought Busola – the mother of his child, an engagement ring from Dubai, and that the live-in-lovers are now warming to get married. . .” –THE NET

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