Oscars 2019: What’s the point of Kevin Hart saying he won’t apologize for decade old​ tweets, stepping down, but apologizing after all?

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By now you must have heard the drama surrounding Kevin Hart. He was asked to host the 2019 Oscars. He agreed. However, someone dug his old tweets from almost a decade ago that used derogatory/offensive words (albeit in a comedic and societal climate where it used to be okay) against members of the LGBTQ community. 

Kevin Hart, on his own volition, reacted by sharing a video on social media where he explained that he had apologized for many years, over and over again, had evolved, and could not continue to be held a prisoner of his past. In addition, he shared that organizers of the Oscars had given him an ultimatum: you should apologize yet again or else you will not be hosting the Oscars.  Hart explained he chose to step down because once again, he refused to keep apologizing again for his past sins.

After all that drama that he created over the situation, and after he stepped down, he went on social media and apologized. So I am wondering what the point of all that noise he created was if he would just turn around and apologize again? Hart could have kept quiet, sorted out his emotions and apologize, again, if he felt it appropriate to do so. 

I know some might say he realized he needed to still apologize to protect his livelihood in an entertainment industry where members of the LGBTQ community wield a huge influence. While that is a valid argument, the point is that it diminishes his credibility when he says he won’t do something, makes so much noise about it, and still ends up doing it. This is a pattern I have noted with Hart. 

I think for long-term credibility and to protect the very livelihood he is concerned about, he needs to learn to be quiet and ponder things carefully before reacting, especially if he ends up undermining himself each time he speaks.

-Ms. Uduak

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