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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Kola Boof Tears into Rapper Wale and it is VERY Ugly

WaleKolaBoofCelebrities Behaving Badly (CBB) is a long running feature (3years) on that documents celebrities, especially those of African heritage, behaving badly, especially on social media.  From defamation lawsuits to copyright infringement claims, celebrities are being sued for bad behavior on social media. In worse scenarios, they are charged with crimes for their activities on social media.

Our latest CBB feature comes in the form of Kola Boof who tears into Rapper Wale on twitter. What is Wale’s crime? He apparently used her name on a 2011 song titled ‘Bad Girls Club’ featuring J.Cole. Four years later, Kola Boof has just discovered the song and the line that references her, “it’s getting ugly in here, guess I Kola’d the Boof.” What’s her reaction? Read the tweets below.

Now, some of you may ask what Kola Boof is known for. She is allegedly known as the most controversial woman in the world. 

Let me say a few important things about this. AML artists, your brand matters! Who you associate with matters!  This past few weeks, rapper Wale has been hanging with Michelle Obama, yes our first Lady. How do you go from that to being associated with a woman like this? It’s not like Wale associated with her before he hit stardom. This is just ugly and he is wise to ignore her and make better choices with his associations. 

-Ms. Uduak

The history behind Wale and Kola Beef – strong language



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1 Comment

  1. Winston Balagare says:

    Well, what else can I say about Wale? He’s a disappointment, in several aspects. The biggest of which is that he consistently makes himself look like a fool. Let’s not forget a year ago, how he was on the receiving end of Meek Mill’s social-media wrath, and his response was essentially, “I’m so sorry for being me, but that’s all I can be.” That was his chance to become something other than a moderately-successful local rapper. He missed his chance.

    Now, he has a mentally-ill groupie making him look crazy on the internet.

    I don’t need to say anymore.

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