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Ladies What is Wrong With Us? 2Face Proposes to Annie Macauley While Ex-Girlfriend is Pregnant With His Sixth Child

Fellas, feel free to exit the AML lounge because this is not a discussion I want to have with the fellas, per se. Ladies, what is wrong with us? We can be really off the chain. Dang???!!!

2Face just proposed to a woman that is allegedly a mother of one of his five children. He has four children with two other women. Further, he is allegedly and authoritatively reported to be expecting his sixth child from his ex-girlfriend. Why is this woman saying “yes?” Is it an issue of her not being independent? Is she trying to just answer to the last name as Mrs. Idibia? Does she not have her own education to get her own money while 2Face takes care of his existing child with her? Really, is it really worth dealing with three women and their children? Is it really worth it?

Ladies why do we get mad when men treat us like crap? Many of us sanction such behaviors. What about the woman pregnant woman with his sixth child? She already had one why have another one? This plays like a very bad Hollywood script. Was she being selfish? I think all are being selfish. What about the kids? If adults want to be selfish, fine. But, hello? What about the kids?

“2face Idibia and Annie Macauley might just be walking down the aisle soon following the super star’s surprising proposal to the actress, Annie during an outing at Club 10, in Lagos on Tuesday.

The pop icon, Idibia who has had an off-and-on relationship with Annie for over a decade finally proposed to her at an arranged get together party to mark the Valentine’s day.

Reports say Idibia’s long term girlfriend and first love broke down and wept profusely when 2face went on his knees to propose to her, she had been kept in the dark about the plan for the night.

Before now, Annie, who featured in 2face’s breakthrough solo video “African Queen’, in many people’s eyes, was just another baby mama, after she gave birth to Idibia’s daughter, Isabella.

Sunmbo Ajaba and Pero Adeniyi also have children for the musician, two each. Meanwhile, 2Face is currently expecting his sixth child with ex-girlfriend, Pero Adeniyi, who is now based in the US.” – Channels TV

Ladies please chime in. I might be too old fashioned in this department but I really don’t get this at all. In Annie’s face and despite waiting this long, this man allegedly has made another woman pregnant. How do you reconcile this? Why doesn’t he use adequate protection? Must every woman he sleeps with get pregnant?

Ladies, for the sake of our children, we really need to get it together. (I am seriously vexed at this rubbish and the psychological impact that all six children will have to go through because of extremely selfish adults).

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  1. Tunrayo says:

    Its very frustrating how we ladies see ouselves as scumbags and secondhand citizens just bcos we want to date or marry celebrities… Komon ladies pls, where is our dignity? Celebrity is just a title, lets show som respect to womanhood..

  2. german says:

    See its just like bad script and Part 2 of Why the Fools fall in love

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