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Legal Drama | (Sinem) S TWO Media Disclaimer: In Defence to the Ramblings of a Madman, Mr. Isaiah McAye

This is a rather interesting release/statement I received from Sinem’s S TWO Media. For new visitors to AML, Sinem and her business partner Suby are well established names in the fashion and entertainment industry. They have worked in publishing, photography, public relations and are serial entrepreneurs. They own a media firm, among other ventures, and it appears there was a bit of a brouhaha recently. Check on the details below.

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“Do not argue with a madman,” people say, “People will not know the difference.” While we are a firm believer in this, this is the one time we will have to speak up to defend our name, reputation and integrity.

It has been brought to our attention that the individial named Isaiah McAye of Rocksolid Media Productions is making very public claims about our company S TWO Media.

Those who know us know well we do not go around spoiling for fights and never have we taken any personal or professional conflicts online to social media and press. While we have 100% ignored all previous ramblings of Mr McAye (formerly Isaiah Adeyemi) and kept a dignified silence, his latest post has forced us to publish our one, only and last response regarding Mr McAye.

Isaiah McAye was hired by S TWO Media as a Director of Photography on a limited number of projects and paid in full for his work. Our work ethics very much revolves around working with a number of individials so as to provide our clients with a variety of options and creative styles.

He was paid for his work as were all other members of the team hired by our company. Isaiah McAye’s involvement was only as Director of Photography and did not go beyond what he was hired for in this position.

We ceased all business dealings with Isaiah McAye as of October 2013 after it transpired that not only did he lack the expertise of 17 years he used in promoting his services – first to us, later to our clients we introduced him to – but also there were questions about his code of conduct on and off set which we had been alerted to by several others who had had the misfortune to have worked with him which we chose to ignore in order to give him an opportunity in an industry he was shunned.

No work of Isaiah McAye, as he claims in his public note, was ever extracted from his social media channels; all work which he undertook for S TWO Media was paid for in full and delivered to us on hard drives by Mr. McAye himself. Much like other Directors of Photography we have done work with in the past, we have a portfolio of work PRODUCED by S TWO Media and contracted to a number of creatives who choose and continue to work with us.

To date we have not stooped that low to deceive anyone using someone else’s work, and as individuals behind S TWO Media with almost two decades of experience between us in all aspects of media from print to broadcast, we find such allegations as duping clients absurd, especially coming from someone who, despite his claims of having 17 years of experience, only took up a camera to shoot in 2008 and sought our counsel before purchasing his equipment.

We have absolutely no interest in working with and/or on behalf of Isaiah McAye. We have worked in media production long before we ever made the misinformed decision of giving him a chance. We are not out to deceive anyone (never have been), but to continue creating high quality and outstanding work with like-minded, experienced and above all HONEST creatives with INTEGRITY.

As of October 2013, we ceased all contact with this individual whom we suspect has got severe mental problems as confirmed by past business relations and girlfriends and estranged wife (who is desperate to get her divorce finalised despite his attempts to block all her attempts in the last four years) after a series of abusive emails. We have also reported him to the police for harassment and do not wish to have any dealings with him whatsoever.

Over the course of our professional relationship with this indivudual which spanned over three months from August 2013 to October 2013, we have not only helped him emotionally (with his relationship issues), financially (with his rent) and professionally (with his professional conflicts) but also been called up on by the police following a public suicide note this same individual posted on his Facebook. After getting calls from the UK and the US police, Suby had to drive to his home at 03:00am in the morning and dissuade to police from sectioning him (a huge mistake we now realise and regret).

Five months after all our business relationships ceased due to this individual duping us and setting out to dupe our clients, we are truly outraged to have our names and our integrity sullied by this madman.

For anyone who would like to investigate further, please do your due diligence and look into the professional history MR. ISAIAH OLUNAKAIJEBABAJ ADEYEMI – turned – Isaiah McAye, google is our best friend.

As honest, hard-working people who have never been to a police station except to report his harassment campaign as opposed to a man who has been to jail for a number of unethical and unsavoury matters, we have nothing to fear.

The difference between us and Mr McAye is simple and straightforward:

He claims we have duped him other others, but the truth remains:

1. He is the one who had been deported from the US (through no fault of his own)

2. He is the one who has been to jail for fraud (because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time)

3. He is the one has been arrested for beating up a woman pregnant with his own child (because he mistakenly hit her and she beat herself up and reported him to the police because she is evil)

4. He is the one who has been arrested last year for harassing his fiancé (but he just wanted to show her how much he wanted her back)

5. He is the one who I had to bail out from the police station TWICE in one month (but she was evil and she reported him because she wanted to spite him)

6. He is the one who has had many infractions with the police (all through the faults of other people whom he trusted)

7. He is the one who, all within a matter of a few weeks, pretends to be a doctor, Dr. Denver Matthews, in a military hospital with no access to a phone and an FBI officer, Mr. John Daks, who also is a rabbi who writes to threaten people for reporting his Facebook suicide note to the police (Please see attached screen caps)

8. He is also the one who has impersonated in written correspondence a certain Mr. Peter Obafemi to threaten us and call Suby a “marked man for life” (in a written style very similar, oddly enough, to those of John Daks and Denver Matthews)

9. He is the one who threatened our client with copyright infringement of intellectual property over the scripts and moodboards that were created by the client and our creative team (with many email exchanges to prove this)

10. He is the one who chooses NOT to give his wife a divorce while claiming to all that he is divorced and going on to “marry” another woman (that is called bigamy in the civilised world)

11. He is the one that has a reputation of being a conniving, lying, scheming man, both in his professional and personal dealings.

All while we had NEVER been into a police station in our lives until August 2013 or had anything to do with the police.

We call him out, lets see who has more PROOF to show. We would like to see details of whom we have duped, while we can produce not only details but names of people who are prepared to come forward to attest to his devious character any time or any place.

Mr. McAye, word of advice – If this comes to your attention, do refrain from contacting us directly or bandying our individual or company names in any verbal or written communication in your personal and professional dealings. This will be the last time we will respond to your nonsensical behaviour and ramblings and any further communication will be made through our lawyers.

Isaiah McFace 1

Isaiah McFace 2

Isaiah McFace 3

Isaiah McFace 4

Isaiah McFace 5

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry you had to go through this with him.

    You have several witnesses as to who he really is.
    As far as his pregnant ex-wife, he didn’t beat her up, but he did psychologically abuse, and torment her. She was not perfect, but she was young, and naive to think a man who called himself a Prophet/ Pastor (with a fake ordination card) actually loved her in spite of a lot of people telling her he was using her for a green card. When she finally had enough, she asked him to leave to which he would not, and so she left him. The next day when she went back to her tiny one bedroom apt she shared with her 6 year old son (that he took over), he grabbed her arm (he previously shoved her unto a couch when she tried to leave him), and he refused to let her go so she pushed him off of her with all her might (2 months pregnant and all), and he fell to the ground. He immediately got up, and then called his NY lawyer friend and devised a plan to get a U-visa (citizenship when spouses are abusive) as that was his intention to begin with. So he sent her text telling her not to come back b/c ambulances were there, meanwhile she was around the corner parked watching him walking just fine so she snapped a picture of him walking just fine and text him back to stop lying there was no police and get out. This infuriated him so he called the police, and told them she (being 5’6) body slammed his 6’3″ body (impossible for her), and knocked him unconscious. He drank almost a whole bottle of pepto bismal and regurgitated it all over her apt and, called it brain fluid from his “head injury”. When the police realized he touched her without her consent (in the state of Florida, that’s illegal) the State of Florida, NOT the ex-wife pressed charges. He went to jail, and was deported (for 5 years he claimed)because he overstayed his VISA and his ex-wife couldn’t/ wouldn’t petition for him due to past mistakes of her own, and him sucking their bank account dry (so much so that her electricity was shut off). So he was deported, and sent emails just like these to her. Pretending to be a private investigator, his mother, all kinds of ridiculousness. He claims to have all this evidence of things she has written, but it is mostly fabricated. He also has inappropriate pictures of her from when they were married that he threatens to send people. He called child protective services on her and had the police go to her 6 year old’s school to question him, which was embarrassing for the the little fella, but the investigation was found to be falsified. The drama ended when she changed her emails, and blocked him on Facebook. She was granted a divorce (freed from him). She received inner healing, and is doing well. She has countless stories like these of her unfortunated 2 month experience with Isaiah. He has never sent a care package or a dollar to his now 3 year old biological son. He claims to have sent her mom a $2000 check that was cashed , which he will surely photoshop/design some kind of phony evidence to back up his lie. Truth is he only impregnated her for citizenship through the child, which he still will not be able to gain. He continuously slanders this woman even going as far as trying to defame her on the ministry school’s webpage that she attends. He joined Facebook groups for dads who can’t see their kids that actually pay child support and mean well towards their child, saying she’s just so evil and he’s a victim, etc. Meanwhile, she doesn’t say anything bad about him other than she wishes Isaiah well and continues to pray blessings for him. She has yet to tell her side of the story. She doesn’t try to obtain child support legally, because she would rather keep her child protected from his deceptive, and manipulative ways. The child is doing exceptionally well, and is very well provided for. She’s also concerned he would try to kidnap the child as he is clearly mentally unstable, and is in need of desperate help. The purpose of this comment is to shed light on the truth, and not to bash this man. Regardless of his actions, he’s still a person. It is just truly heartbreaking to watch someone intentionally hurt themselves, and others this way. Everyone’s prayer should be that he would repent, own up to his wrong doings, take responsibility for his actions, get the help he desperately needs, and stop hurting people. God speed.

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