Linda Ikeji: Celebrity gossip blogger introduces new staff through dance music video

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Exactly a month after announcing the launch of her social network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), celebrity gossip blogger Linda Ikeji introduces her new staff through a dance music video. Ikeji’s video is fun and lighthearted.

While she celebrates, the verdict is still out on whether Ikeji’s LIS network can scale and have the same tremendous reach, if not more, like her blog. Indeed, Ikeji has been aggressively promoting LIS, from taking banner ads on other blogs to offering extensive giveaways, among other things. Ikeji is also active with the marketing and promotion of her newly launched television and music media brands.

Watch the dance music video. I presume she got the requisite copyright clearance for use of Stevie Wonder’s 1981 classic hit song ‘Happy birthday,’and we won’t see a take down of the video on You Tube in the future.

Photocredit: Linda Ikeji Instagram

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  1. I’m not understanding what’s going on with Linda these days. The constant flaunting of wealth, and now this–WTF is this? Since when did she become an actual “personality”, dancing in videos and seemingly being so bored with her life that she has nothing else better to do than share every minute aspect of it online? It’s all very corny and tacky, in my opinion. She’s supposed to be some kind of mature mogul, yet she’s behaving like some spoiled rich kid with access to daddy’s AMEX card and an unlimited data plan. She’s acting more like Wendy Williams than she is like Oprah Winfrey. “Linda . . . get your life together and stop trying to impress the world with your wealth and dancing skills Be a boss, not a teenager. Stop distracting us with dancing and luxury items, and give us the secret to your wealth.”

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