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@LindaIkeji is Hiring! Nigerian Entertainment Lawyers Apply ASAP!

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Linda Ikeji has issued an official statement confirming the launch of her new media empire, which I shared with you all last weekend. She has also  invited members of the public to apply for open positions in her newly formed company. The Nigerian celebrity blogger is expanding into film, music, radio and has a long-term vision of owning her own cable television network someday.

This is great news, as I mentioned before. Indeed, she will help create new jobs, put our youths to work, and feed many families.  Also, as I have said so many times on this blog, Ikeji has been instrumental, from where I sit, in helping shift the mindset of Nigerians and Africans, through her many mistakes in blogging, to (slowly but surely begin to) respect the rule of law. In future, I may just write a book on how Linda Ikeji changed Nigeria, legally speaking.  🙂

Ikeji began blogging in 2006 and earned zero income. Six years ago, all that changed  and today she averages an alleged 50Million Naira, over $158,000.00, a month from blogging.

Back to her announcement of job openings. There is a problem. She left out the key professionals she needs to build her empire, lawyers. Ikeji is an AML reader and so are many Nigerian entertainment lawyers. So, the next few paragraphs are directed at them and persons that are similarly situated.

Folks, when you create or attempt to create a media empire, you have just signed up for more problems than you could possibly bargain for. Indeed, the saying, “the more money, the more problems,” holds true here. While many will admire, applaud and some even try to curry favor  from you,  if they only knew the headache that lies ahead, they would exclaim “Eyah!” in the Nigerian Pidgin language.

Let’s look at some of the basic overview that Ikeji and others like her will have to deal with.

First, there is the huge operational cost associated with operating  22 room offices.They are:

  1. huge expenses for operational costs (in this instance add generator problems).
  2. Hiring and managing employees. Remember Ikeji has never really done that. She has been a woman with just a computer blogging her way to the top.
  3. Hiring and working with independent contractors and third-party vendors.
  4. Dealing with claims of intellectual property issues and infringement claims.

Let’s break down that last point. If you decide that your primary business will be building a media empire consisting of entertainment products and services, you have officially signed up for a business of:

  • content acquisition
  • content creation
  • content licensing
  • content distribution
  • content marketing and promotions.

This means whether you like it or not, you absolutely MUST have an on point solid legal team behind you. Given the size of Ikeji’s business (22 office rooms is a lot),  then you absolutely have to create an in-house legal department that is completely immersed in overseeing all legal issues including those affecting operations,  finance, business and content. It is not enough to consult on with a lawyer on a “as needed” basis. Build a legal arm within to prevent or manage risks of your brand name and company.  It would also be much cheaper than outsourcing work to a firm.

When there is a threat of litigation, your in-house legal team can then out source to a firm focused on litigation. In Nigeria’s entertainment industry, there are a few companies that have some sort of in-house legal  team and they are much smaller than Ikeji’s business, to my understanding, i.e. Chocolate City Music Group, and I believe 960 Music Group.

For someone like Ikeji, building a legal in-house team, in my view, is non-negotiable. There are too many creatives to manage. In addition,  the lawsuit WILL come. It’s a guarantee in the entertainment business and with Ikeji’s history. So, it is only right she builds a strong fortress to withstand or minimize the inevitable legal drama ahead.

So, Nigerian entertainment lawyers on ground who read this, I highly suggest you apply for the yet to be created position. Linda Ikeji, create the position.

Both groups, thank me later. I’ll send my bill in the mail from the U.S. once you all are up and running. 🙂

Everyone else, see the job positions available and how to apply below.

~Ms. Uduak


” Linda Ikeji Media is hiring! And here’s how you can apply! 🙂

Like most of you know, I’m expanding my business to include TV, Radio, Music and something else …shhh…lol. If you missed it, read all about it here. I need to hire staff to get the work done.

At Linda Ikeji Media we are looking to hire the following;
Front desk officer/receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, content developers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and IT professionals. They even said I might need a PA…lol.

If you think you can fit in any of these roles or even qualified for them, please send CV to or If you’re shortlisted, we will call you for a one-on-one interview. Thanks guys, good-luck and God bless!”

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