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5 Ways Linda Ikeji is Ripping You off and You Don’t Even Know it– SHE MAKES N37MILLON PER MONTH


Linda Ikeji Blog Shut DownWhat an article! When it comes to advertisement, the only thing I believe Linda Ikeji is guilty of is not disclosing that she has sponsored posts/content on her blog. Industry standard expected of bloggers is that they add the appropriate disclaimers showing their posts/content is sponsored. In the USA, there are mandatory rules about this. In Nigeria, I am unsure what the rules are but prior to even becoming an online website; and to date, continues to make it clear when a post is sponsored with the tag, “sponsored content.”

Linda Ikeji has a lot of sponsored content and just never discloses, when technically and ethically she should. Having said that, the post below is quite a post by who claims they have been a client of Linda’s; and that despite her being paid well, she “does not do her job well.” I am unsure what all of that means. However, find excerpts from the article below.




Well the truth is that this has nothing to do with Fashion. But we just taught to share this with you guys. I mean that is why we are the police right!

I don’t know if you guys are aware that while you are sitting in your office doing a lot of work, Linda Ikeji is making millions off you and you don’t even know it. For a while in Nigeria, the cost of internet was very expensive and regarded as a\ premium for only the rich but the competition amongst the Telcos has drastically dropped its price. So now Linda makes a sh**t load of money for doing absolutely nothing ooo. It’s crazy like that, the annoying part(don’t act like you not jealous) is that some of this is extremely low-key so nobody knows about it well enough.

In case you are really busy, allow me summarize this article here before sharp sharp. She makes the following ways

Celebrity post : 200K per day, 1M per week, 4 M per month.
Company post : 150K per day, 900K per week, 3.6M per month.
Company Banners : 25 Side Banners at an average of 400K per banner, 2 Header Banner at 800K per banner This sums up to 11.6M per month
Advertising Network : Google Adsense is not fixed. It largely depends on how many times visitors like us click an ad. But it is safe to assume she currently does over $80K to $90K. Please note that I wrote dollars. This mean 16.2M per month
5 Homepage : 1.6M per month.


Total : 37M per month (am scared to include the per year figure). has the full story.

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  1. Gistyinka Blog says:

    Hmmmm very interesting wake-up call to every bloggers in Nigeria and the rest of African.

  2. It expert says:

    Lol.. $80K adsense? Bullocks!

    the letter itself reads like an advert

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