Celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji Set to Launch Television Station

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A year after she announced the launch of her media empire, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has announced on her Instagram page that she is set to launch her own television station.

“Growing up I wanted to be a reporter or a TV presenter… now I employ reporters and TV presenters,” said Ikeji. “Instead of working at a TV station, I’m about to own one. God has a way of doing his thing. Just trust him and never depart from him as you go on your journey. And remember, you just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”

In my view, this was forthcoming. Linda Ikeji’s empire launch included an unveiling of a music blog, a social network, and a Linda Ikeji TV creating digital content. Of all of the subsidiaries, the one that has really taken off has been the Linda Ikeji TV. So, it definitely does make natural sense to move in the direction she is.

The current digital television channel has 10 key programs it offers:

  1. The Report Card
  2. Hot Topics
  3. The Interview
  4. Crime Story
  5. Rumor has It
  6. LIB Special
  7. Gidi Pranks
  8. The Red Carpet
  9. Buzz’r TV
  10. Uncle Bros

If successfully launched, Linda Ikeji will join Mo’Abudu as one of two women in Nigeria who own a television station.

From blogger to TV station owner, now that’s a story. Congrats Linda.

-Ms. Uduak


Watch one of the more popular shows on Linda Ikeji TV

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