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Breaking: Celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji Files Police Report Against @Drake ‘One Dance’ featured artist Wizkid for Assault Threat cc: @Pepsi @Pepsi_Naija @Essencefest


In case you missed the very offensive and worse physical threats made by Wizkid to Linda Ikeji, check out the image below to read it.


In addition, read my direct writings to Pepsi and Essence Music Festival to pull the plug on this artist who is a brand ambassador for Pepsi and will be performing for Essence this summer, a Black woman focused brand, short of a public apology.

It is highly disturbing that Tinie Tempah who is the alleged manager of Wizkid through his UK company Disturbing London has not had the common sense to (demand) that his artist apologize. It is also very disturbing that Wizkid or his Nigerian manager Sunday Are have also not had the common sense to also apologize. Are should have made this demand as well. Wizkid is a so called label owner. How can you be a label owner and not know how to publicly apologize for your clearly out of line and illegal actions? How do you manage others under your label?

Further, Wizkid wants to play on U.S. soil yet has no common sense to know branding matters and that mainstream America will not open their pocket books and endorse a man who blatantly advocates violence against women? To begin with the stereotypes about Africans in the U.S. is hard to debunk and here comes this young African validating some of those stereotypes.  Further, it is highly disturbing but very reflective of the Nigerian society that many people believe that a gossip blogger deserves threats of violence against her because she is doing her job. That is just plain wrong. To see people cheering and applauding Wizkid is appalling. To hear people say “she deserves it” when she was reporting on statements on the material possessions he publicly flaunts on social media is appalling. It is also appalling to watch Nigerian women who say they stand for the empowerment of women (some have even gone through hell, publicly, at the hands of some of these Nigerian men) praise Wizkid and boldly mock Linda Ikeji. Crazy.

Let me be clear. I am very proud of Linda Ikeji for taking the threat by Wizkid to the Lagos State Police Commissioner and filing a police report. As I have said, this threat is real. Wizkid’s fans obsess about him. In addition, he is gaining global notoriety. When a person in such situation is given power and abuses it, he should be checked. He called for a criminal act to be carried out against another human being and many in Nigeria seem to think that is okay? You’ve got to be kidding me. Bravo Linda for using your power to speak loudly across the continent of Africa and internationally for yourself and definitely for women. Irrespective of the outcome of this case, what you have done  sends a strong message that these kinds of acts against women WILL NOT be tolerated. It is a game changer and a paradigm shift and lends a strong voice to the plight of women, especially African women.

To all who are fans of Wizkid, Wizkid doesn’t get a pass because of his talent in advocating violence against women. He simply doesn’t.

Read the excerpt from TheNet.ng story below:

“If the on-going battle between Nigerian pop star, Wizkid and blogger Linda Ikeji, is not resolved pre-litigation, Wizkid who threatened to send his underage cousin to beat up the blogger could spend up to seven years in jail if found guilty.

THENETNG confirmed today that the blogger has filed a petition to the Lagos Police, alleging threat to her life.

We could not immediately confirm from the Police force as a spokesperson failed to respond to enquiries, but multiple sources who are in the know, told us reliably that the blogger got the Police to invite Wizkid for a chat. He allegedly failed to show up.

A lawyer told Thenetng: ‘under the Nigerian Constitution, if a citizen is threatened by a fellow citizen, It is expected you report to the nearest Police Station who will subsequently conduct an investigation determine the next line of action’.

Section 323 of the criminal code states that ‘Any person who, knowing the contents thereof directly or indirectly causes any person to receive any writing threatening to kill any person is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.”

The Net.ng has the full story.

NOTE: For those who may not know, Drake recently featured Wizkid on his single ‘One Dance.’ That song is now #1 on iTunes and made the billboard charts. That feature has been used by many Nigerians to further justify the threats of violence made by Wizkid against Linda Ikeji.

-Ms. Uduak

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    Your section 323 said on attempt or any writen treatning to kill or murder nt beat,now you treatning someone to be jailed, lets be realistic,she is nt yet beatten or rather bcos of the grudge they have for each other,how can a little causin beat a grown up,fuck chit…

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