Meet Sosan Firooz, Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper Trailblazing a Path for Future Female Rappers

The story of Sosan Firooz, a female Afghanistan rapper, following her passion in a country where rapping, much less a woman rapping is as weird and against the norm as it gets, continues to gain momentum around the world.

Firooz is trailblazing paths and thankfully, she has her father to support her dreams, even as many discourage her. She sings about women issues and the suffering they have endured. Read a feature on Firooz on Huffington Post.

AML artists, be thankful you can create music without the restrictions that Firooz has to go through. Be thankful for the support you have to follow your passion, and to make sure you are around for a long time to come, create GREAT music i.e. music that impacts the culture of the society you live in.


“Singer: Soosan Firooz,
Music & Compose:Farid Rastagar
Lyrics: Suhrab Sirat
(Read below the translated version of the lyrics in English)

Hear my stories and hear
Hear my sorrows, my sadness
Hear the story of my displacement and homelessness
We were lost, we were lost, lost around the world
War drove me out of my homeland
We were frozen, they wore us coffins

Expatriate begun, hardship begun
The stage of destitution, the stage of misfortune
Bullets showered us, our farm burnt to ground, our trees dried up
Tearful, we crossed the border
Like wingless bird, with no wings
Wings, wings, wings, wings…
We were lost, we were lost, lost around the world

In the country of strange our child was abused
Our educated ones became street workers
We ate our own body when we were starved
We drank our own tears when we were thirsty
We thought going to Europe bring us joy
We might find a living, we might end suffering
But we were stuck in the refugee camps
Where our skins were extinct
I dreamt kissing the dust of my homeland
We were kings and queens in our own land
But here, we are waiters and dish washers
”I don’t know, I don’t know, oh my god, oh my god”
We have forgotten our own tongue
We were human beings too but why abused?
We ran everywhere like worthless objects
In the country of our neighbor they called us ‘dirty Afghan’
In the line of bakery, they left us at end
What did we achieve in Iran and Pakistan?
Half became addicted, other half became terrorists

But, but we are hopeful now
United from now on
No more child abuse, woman abuse
No more going silent
We were lost, we were lost, lost all around the world
No more Europe, Iran, or Pakistan
From now on it will be Afghanistan” – Zaraafat Khan transcribed lyrics

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