Mo Cheddah on her Rise & Fall in the Music Industry, Legal battles, Depression & Finding Self

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Mo Cheddah’s interview with DANG MONOLOGUE where she finally opens up about her entrance into the music industry, her rise to the top of the charts, the fame, her fall out with her label, the legal battles, being black-listed, going broke to the point of having to take public transportation (buses), and dealing with the depression that ensued was interesting to watch.

I appreciate her candidness and hope emerging and established artists who watch her documentary can learn from her journey. There is not much else to say than to wish her continued success in her non-music ventures. Should she decide to return to the business of music, she now has the maturity to navigate through its muddy waters and hopefully come out on top again.

For AML artists, revisit my 2012 in-depth analysis, ‘Mo’Cheddah and KnightHouse’s Divorce, the Real Deal About the Split,’ where I addressed the conflict and ownership rights in the songs Mo Cheddah created for her label. It has taken six years for Mo Cheddah to finally open up about what transpired. 

Watch the documentary below.

-Ms. Uduak

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