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PICTURE: Ms. Uduak’s Road to Total Fitness Week 2 #Noexcuses #Stepintoyourgreatness

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Happy Friday. This week was not my best week. I felt blah, especially yesterday and it took a whole lot and especially thinking about the fact that I had to share my progress with you all to get me into the gym. I worked out every single day from Monday to Thursday and I have decided I will give myself Friday off. Saturday is usually the day I stay off workouts.

Right now, I am just focused on staying consistent. There are levels to this fitness game, been there want to do it again and know it will take time. For now, I just want the discipline to stay consistent. Once I get that together, I know it is only a matter of time when I will plunge right into a world of fitness that has been my reality for a large part of my life. I want the consistency again. I want the piercing discipline. I crave it. I want to break my own personal records. I want the mental strength, like really strong mental strength, again. I believe it translates into greatness in every other aspect of my life because I have experienced the wonderful results of being that focused and disciplined with consistent exercise/fitness routine in my life.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, I am an ex-personal trainer, a die hard fitness fanatic and love sports in general. In college, I even managed to play competitive sports and also worked as a trainer training athletes and everyday people for many years. When I began practicing law, I never let that get in the way.I am passionate about law, fashion and health and to me they all work in a very natural/ synergistic manner.

In the past, I would finish work, grab my gym bag show up at the gym, at local parks, play basketball till late night, in between that danced, hit the weights hard, took some spinning classes et al and overall had fun and made some wonderful lifetime friends in the process. I am unsure where I fell off, but at some point, I did and my life became marred with excuses and inconsistencies on why I wasn’t staying fit.

“It’s too cold, it’s too hot. I’m very busy. I’m just too tired. I’m tired. I’ll do it tomorrow. I like outdoorsy stuff. I don’t like the gym. I sprained my ankle and I keep re-injuring it, I don’t feel good today and so forth and so on.” Gosh my excuses were endless.

Two weeks ago, I got tired of making excuses. In fact, my excuses also got tired and they all called it quits. I am now on the road to total fitness, the kind that is about a complete pursuit of harmony with mind, body and soul. I no longer want to dwell in my past glories, triumphs and trophies or personal records I broke as a result of the role of fitness in my life. I just want to “do the do” i.e. action and create a new legacy, new glories for myself. That’s the scoop people.

What about you? Have you stayed stuck  in a pattern and like me have been giving all kinds of  excuses for why you are not taking charge of your life; and living your best in terms of mind, body and soul? Are you sick and tired of your own excuses on why you are not living your best life? If yes, then you should join me on this road to total fitness.

You can do this by simply sending a current picture of your own personal road to your total fitness to ( I would be happy to share with the AML community. Baby steps first and easy does it.

This week, below is the progress I made. If you missed week 1, click here. I know I have a long way to go but I am committed to it and have you all to keep me accountable. 🙂 Skinny, by the way, does not equal fit, but most of you probably already know that.

Let’s get it AML people! Go hard. Push yourselves and work through the pain, work through it all! You can do it. #stepintoyourgrateness #noexcuses



Ms Uduak's Road to Total Fitness Week 2B

Ms Uduak's Road to Total Fitness Week 2

I also found inspiration with the individuals below:

My brother a recently retired ex-professional basketball player and a current fitness trainer based in L.A, among the few hats he now wears. He is very good at what he does and is becoming a highly sought after trainer.
Ime Oduok 10

My friend Maxxstyles #Artofcolours

Ladybrille Man of the Month Alum Ngo Okafor. (Ladybrille is my magazine)  Ngo is competing on July 25th, 2014 at the USAs Nationals boxing event in Las Vegas.

Ngo Okafor LBMOM

The sweetest inspiration for me this week was AML reader Augustina Armstrong-Ogbonna who sent info. on her workout that is best captured by this 15second video clip from her instagram pages. Honestly, she inspired me the most this week.


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