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Music Business: Ropo Akin Vying for Title as ‘Promoter’s Promoter,’ Steps Up Game, Throws Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji All Expense Paid VIP Birthday Party at Cokobar


When I saw popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji announce, on her blog, that music industry entrepreneur Ropo Akin was throwing her a “FREE” all expense paid VIP birthday bash, I smiled. Indeed I reflected for a brief second, how I really fancy intelligent people who think outside the box, especially where business is concerned.

Below is why it appears Akin, who we have seen push Wizkid/EME, P-Square and a host of other talents, seems like he is vying for title as  a “Promoter’s Promoter.”

Why Throwing Linda Ikeji a VIP Birthday Party Makes Good Business Sense

1. Excellent Branding of the Cokobar Name. Promoters, artists, emerging and established businesses, one way to quickly build up your brand/increase awareness is to partner with a famous brand (personal or corporate). Linda Ikeji enjoys millions of views on her site, per month. She is also becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. She has a following in the UK as evidenced by her invitation, all expense paid to, it appears, to blog for London Fashion Week. It is a great way to leverage her personal brand to bring attention to Cokobar.

2. Increased Reach for Cokobar. Cokobar has been creating some buzz about its venue with Nigerian musicians staging concerts there etc. However, Linda Ikeji’s audience extend beyond musicians and music lovers. This is a good way to have millions of eyeballs check out Cokobar and think about making the venue and Ropo Akin’s services even more highly sought after in the nearest future.

3. Increased revenue. Often, there is a tendency to think Promoters who bring artists from Africa make money. Having dealt with some of these promoters, and from experience, that is simply not the case. Many are lucky if they can break even. Many suffer a loss and do not see profits, they in fact slide into debt. So, thinking outside the box, individual celebrities having their birthday bashes at Cokobar has to make great economic sense. The Linda Ikeji -Cokobar collaboration will create a “follow follow” or “copy copy” as we like to say in Nigerian Pidgin English. This inevitably opens the door for venues that are packed and bring in the revenue. Also, the investment now to bring Linda Ikeji to the UK is definitely minutiae to the potential high return from investment based on the sowing of the seed now.

4. Good Times. Who doesn’t like to have a good time? Okay, so we industry insiders know that after a while, the parties and people all are the same, it quickly gets boring after years of that same old crew, venues etc. But, in this instance, fresh new faces i.e. Linda’s fans will be there so of course it should be good times.

 What Does Linda Ikeji Get Out of This?

1. Cut of Revenues Earned at the Door: Free Party? Did you all really think that it was a “free party?” Sey na free we go chop? As I said, you have been to one party, you have almost been to all. I expect a savvy business woman who understands the strength of her brand to show up ready to collect part of the monies earned at the door. She is a talent and is in some sense, performing. Her appearance is not free and is likened to that of artists where expenses, accommodations and travel are covered where Promoters bring them to perform in their local venues.

2. Media Buzz: We’ve seen Ropo Akin/Cokobar orchestrate, videotape and share their PR tactics with artists like P-Square and Wizkid. I would expect Linda Ikeji to negotiate nothing less. The welcoming party at the airport ( a few people can easily do this and the video camera documenting this need not expand its lens beyond those who show up to greet her), the press conference, the push for radio and television appearances including on BEN T, Factory 78 and Tim Westwood, among others.

3. Turning Local into International Brand: Finally, at the end of the day, Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger personality and brand confined to primarily a Nigerian audience. This is, in my view, is a great thing. However, her venture into the UK only helps her expand her reach to a much larger audience and who knows where that may take her.

Overall a good look by Ropo Akin and Linda Ikeji. It is also a reminder to all my AML artists and entrepreneurs that some of the best moves for when it comes to your careers or businesses are not necessarily the BIG ideas. They are simple ideas/principles rooted in common sense.

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