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Music Producer & Artist Duncan Daniels Follows Heart, Prepares to ROCK & ROLL the Music Industry with Re-Introduction + ‘Blindly in Love’ (Video)


Artists Teeklef and Duncan Daniels are two artists I am long overdue for an update, and to share their work with you all. I’ll start with Daniels. I had a long talk with Daniels a little over a month ago where I urged him to follow his heart and passion. I called him to follow up on a video that really bothered me. In that video, he revealed the treatment of local Nigerian-American talents in the USA by local promoters and I was like, “say what?” Anyway, I called to follow up on the interview which I shared with you all. In the process of our discussion, we talked about his music career.

Folks, I believe, strongly, that greatness comes when you follow your passion. You put all into what you love to do and truly the reward both monetarily and non-monetarily is immeasurable. The key is consistency, hardwork, never giving up and of course patience/perseverance. Daniels, to me, had to follow his passion, his heart. Daniels LOVES rock music. However, his version of rock music is a nice blend of everything. It is very eclectic and creative. Indeed, there is simply NO competition in Nigeria’s market for the life that Daniels is about to birth into the music industry. In addition, his versatility ensures he can potentially and successfully tap into  the USA and bring over a new crossover type of Afro-rock sound to the mix.

I have watched Daniels’ career intently for years now; and I just felt like what he was doing was not true to his essence. It was like he was trying to fit in when he was clearly above the cut. His brand of music is not confined to the one dimensional Nigerian “tinlalala, tilolo, wine am o, wine am o” Terry G like sound that is so common these days. So, when the opportunity presented itself and we talked over a month ago, I kept it 110%. I told him if he follows his heart and passion, HE WILL BLOW TAKE THE INDUSTRY BY STORM. He is a triple threat. He actually went to music school and understands music both from a practical and theoretical perspective. He “gets” music and such persons, when they unleash their God given talent not caring what every one else thinks they should do, usually shut things down.

In any event, Daniels took my advice to follow his heart and he  is now preparing to stun the world and you all!

Indeed, I had the privilege of listening to at least eight of his rock songs; and folks, I tell you NOT 1 song had an issue for my critical ear. I loved them all and told him so. They were all rock songs. Excellent production, excellent variety and much needed new sound in the music game right about now. I am VERY excited for him.

Daniels prepares to drop a track and music video titled ‘Blindly in Love’ and from everything I can see, a superstar is about to be born.

Daniels, handle it! Knock it out of the ball park and do not, for once, listen to the common statements people make that deter greatness i.e., “Oh! Nigerians will not like it.” They WILL. Stay CONFIDENT. Your music also TOTALLY transcends the Nigerian market. It’s global music and I am on the edge waiting in anticipation!#nopressure 🙂


Photoshoot Video Teaser – “Levels Don Change tins dey happen.”

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