Music: Teeklef & Afrotunes ‘It Could Be You’

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I have just been waiting for Nigerian R &B artist Teeklef to really hit that music spot for me. There was just something missing in his sound even though he was clearly talented. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but I think I finally figured out what that “something” was. It was CONFIDENCE!

He sang but my ear could only pick up, “you really don’t believe in what you are singing.” It came across in his vocals and just bounced off my ear drums. Recently, Teeklef participated in Don Jazzy’s Enigma beat competition and he came 2nd runner up. Leading up to the finale, where the public voted for him, twitter was full of many persons  praising him for his submission.

I think this gave Teeklef that extra confidence he needed because he is finally coming into his own musically. It is the same voice, the same talented sound, only this time, he owns the space which means I can finally share his work. Boy did he make me wait quite long! Take a listen and share your thoughts.

‘It Could Be You’ by Teekflef & Afrotunes

[audio:|titles=It Could Be You by Teeklef]

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