Music Video: Watch ‘Closer’ by Omotayo’ ft. Eva Alordiah


I find Eva Alordiah as a musician interesting. Of all the females on Nigeria’s music scene that I have heard, I think she probably talks/raps about sex the most, and majority of the times. Also, when compared to her male counterparts, she is even more descriptive and explicit with her words on what she wants in the sexual relationships she sings about. Many of our male singers and rappers can’t get past, “whine your waist” or “go down low etc.” That is the extent of their sex vocabulary. Eva on the other hand, has so many ways to describe sex, whether it be foreplay (leading up to) actual sexual intercourse with her lover. She is also unafraid to be raunchy and never seems to run out of descriptions for what she wants in the bedroom. It is interesting to note and observe.

I wonder what this means in the bigger scheme of things for her career, in the long run. I am curious to see.

In this video, you expect the guy to be the one that is that bold, that in your face. Instead, he keeps it safe while Eva goes in full court press. In a society where women barely talk, openly at least, about their sexual desires or acknowledge they even have any, this to me is rather interesting.

Anyway, let’s see where all of these go.I appreciate her meticulousness when it comes to her fashion/style sense. She takes the time to look the part of an artist and interpret the various characters she plays quite well.

The ‘Omotayo’ artist is interesting. He has some strong vocals. He is clearly talented but we really don’t have that many artists, if at all, doing or sticking with R&B. First, as Iyanya noted, it doesn’t appear to get the bills paid. Second, it appears the public is not ready for R &B from a Nigerian male artist beyond Banky W.

What happened to a time when the likes of Paul Play, Styl Plus and more reigned? Or is the rendition that Iyanya was proposing and Omotayo now sings too Western for the Nigerian market?

Are Nigerian women really used to Nigerian men speaking to or singing to them in the sensual way Omotayo does?

Or is it more like the juxtaposition between Wizkid and Flavour kind of approach to love?

Culturally, for the Nigerian men on the continent, isn’t the love and sexual advances a lot more crude, a lot more aggressive, than the Western cultural way of wooing women? If the target audience is Nigerian-American or British-Nigerian, then Omotayo’s brand of music really works well. But a Nigerian in Nigeria?

Maybe Omotayo just might buck this trend and convert the Nigerian music female fan, especially, into having a strong affinity for Nigerian R&B music and singers?

Who knows?

By the way, anyone seen the fellas Funbi?  Michael Word?  Chris Akinyemi? Tell them we need some more music from there.

Have a fantastic day folks. I’m out.


“Finally the much anticipated Video for ‘Closer’ by Omotayo is here! The Single which was released in September has been doing really well, gaining massive airplay since its release.

Asides Eva Alordiah’s captivating appearance, this Video for ‘Closer’ strikes you through every nerve from scene to scene.

Managed by SLICKCITY EMPIRE, the incredible video was directed by fast rising film maker; TomiShift of“SHIIFT VIDEOS” the video is aesthetic, eccentric and is a total departure from the everyday cliché.

Enjoy ‘Closer’ the Video.”

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