AML 126: The Third Wave: Surfing the Emerging Streaming Landscape #MusicBiz2019

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I had the pleasure of attending AML super fan Iredumare (Ire) Opeyemi’s panel session held on May 6, 2019, at the Music Biz 2019 conference in Nashville, produced by the Music Business Association. If you have been following this blog and podcast for a while, then you know seven years ago, Ire stumbled on the blog, became a super fan and my mentee, all while he was in law school, and the rest is history. Ire’s panel session was titled ‘The Third Wave: Surfing the Emerging Streaming Landscape’ and focused on the emerging streaming landscape in Nigeria/Africa, China and Eastern Europe.

The panelists discussed the opportunities and barriers their respective markets presented, and the networks, financial and market dynamics that new entrants needed to understand. It was a good and informative discussion. With respect to Africa, I enjoyed Ire’s emphasis that new entrants must approach the market with a commitment to invest in the continent’s infrastructure, in order to win.

I am republishing, with permission, the audio clip from the session courtesy of Boomplay for you the AML audience. On the AML end, please note the audio clip went into a little post-production editing to maximize sound quality, the substance remains unaltered. Listen, enjoy, share.

NOTE: If you want to hear more about Nigeria and Africa’s streaming markets, revisit AML Podcast episode 123 where I had Ire as a guest, along with Graeme Gilfillan (South Africa) for an in-depth discussion on the topic.


  • Anne Jenniskens, Head of Licensing, FUGA (Moderator)
  • Angel Gambino, Chief Commercial Officer, Napster (Panelist)
  • Andy Ng, Group Vice President, Tencent (Panelist)
  • Iredumare Opeyemi, Director of Legal & Business Affairs, Transsnet Music Limited/Boomplay (Panelist)

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