Naeto C, “I Think We Might Have a Problem, Can YOU Do It?” What is Happening to Your Music Mojo?

Naeto C Can You Do ItI am not getting this. Can someone please tell me what is going on with Naeto C? First, he doesn’t really give us much to talk about in 2012. Understood. No problem. He finished school, got married, life happens and in this instance, beautiful stages of life is happening. Awesome!

However, he follows up this 2012 with brouhaha drama with promoters and a recent alleged fight with a blogger. Hearing all of these things and doing my best to hold off so we know what’s really good with the dude and all these drama, I sent the word out on AML and said, “yo can you fall back on the drama? Give us some good music instead.” It looks like he got the memo but skipped the part about “good” music.

Is this the same trend setting fella? The guy who gave us “KINI BIG DEAL,” You Should Know my P,” “10/10,” “5 and 6,” I Gentle O” “Tony Montana” served up with a mean dosage of swag and that signature Hausa “Yes Boss” hat? How do you go from such high places you have taken us, at this veteran stage in your career, to this below par song that you recently released?

Since when did Naeto C start doing one night stand, getting into VIP so he can find a girl with “fat a***” and asking her to back her booty up? Since when did Naeto C attempt to get a woman completely drunk so he can hit it and be out? Pole dance after just getting married? Really? Dude what is your issue?

Don’t y’all dare say “it’s just a song.” The Naeto C brand that he has sold us for so long has been innovative, creative, lyrically sound, dare I say respectful of women, completely and totally different from this new “thingy” he is doing. I certainly bought into it.

This right here, I don’t know what is going on but somebody pass the word back to him. You don’t come back from a wedding, an MSC, a legacy of great hits to give us brouhahas with promoters, alleged fight with a blogger and a below par back that booty up kind of music. Also, you and I know there will be a lot of people around you that will tell you this song is the best thing they have heard since slice bread. DJ’s will play just because it is Naeto C and there is an existing relationship, and so will radios. It is up to you to carry on or go back to the drawing board.

The music production and producer on the song, by the way, is tight.Great work by e-Kelly. The artist, however, in my view, under delivered with a watered down, I can’t be bothered lyrics et al. If you are that bored, creatively speaking, why don’t you take a break?



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