AfricaMusicLawHostHey AML People! I hope my note finds each of you doing well. Happy Friday!

I have been working very hard to get us a step closer to publishing our music law book. Last week, I took a short and much needed break but promised this week to do some unveiling that serves as a precursor step towards getting my book, ‘Nigerian Music & The Law: A Nigerian Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business’ to you.

Are you ready for the unveiling of some of the work so far????! Here we go!


Two months ago, I had a “wicked” photoshoot in search of the perfect images that will be used for the book, as well as marketing and promotional materials. 1500 images later and an awesome fashion team to work with, and voila! you are staring at some of the images from the shoot. What is so cool about these images is that they are barely touched up. You see the wrinkles from all of my laugh lines and you get my authentic self staring right at you. By the way, I had to get rid of the hair. I have always felt the sexiest and most beautiful with short hair.


I am a natural born story teller so it is no surprise that all I do is tell stories whether as an attorney, a writer, blogger, podcaster, journalist, and publisher. I simply love telling stories about others. Yet, I was yet to tell mine. One of the key reasons was that it felt so deeply personal and somewhat daunting and quite vulnerable to do so. Surprise! I finally got to a place where I could let go and you all get to know me on an even more personal level, as I make my debut in an exclusive feature/podcast on Ladybrille Magazine. The link to my story is found in the photo section below.


In and out of the courtroom, I am referred to as “Ms. Uduak.” I have had many nicknames including “Ladybrille.” However, I like that I can now make it official with the launch of Ms.Uduak the creator, the one creating and releasing my creative love to the universe with all of my sub-brands. It feels more personal, it is my name and I am okay with it being that personal. So it’s Ms. Uduak creating Ladybrille, Africa Music Law and whatever sub-brands may emerge from my creative space where creativity, law and fashion collide.

There is still a bit more tweaking to go on the website but please visit me at my new  home and say hello,


We are one step closer to our book launch and I am officially ready for takeoff!

So, AML people, let’s absolutely do this i.e. “slay!” And while we are at it, watch for a possible kickstarter coming near you, after I figure out all the numbers. 🙂

Until then, I will catch you all this weekend as we resume our time together on the podcast and blog.

By the way, let me know what you think about the pictures and also my interview on Also, don’t forget to subscribe in the box below so you stay on the pulse of all the news leading to our book launch this 2015.

Talk soon.

Ms. Uduak


Podcast Feature/Interview on Ladybrille Magazine

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Credited for several firsts in the fashion and entertainment industry, Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak) is a fashion and entertainment lawyer, speaker, visionary, gamechanger, trailblazer, and recognized thought leader, for her work on Africa’s emerging global fashion and entertainment markets, and the niche practice of fashion law in the United States. She is also the founder of ‘Africa Music Law,’ an industry go-to music business and law blog and podcast show empowering African artists. Her work in the creative and legal industries has earned her numerous awards and recognitions, including an award from the American University Washington College of Law for her “legal impact in the field of intellectual property in Africa." She has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at several institutions in the United States. For more information, visit her at

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