Nigerian & Ghanaian Artists Bleep the Curse Words & Attach Your ‘Explicit Content Warning!’

I have always wondered why many people think all of the world wants to hear their toxicity shoved down the ears of the world. Nigerian and Ghanaian artists, it is not by force to get your work published on all lifestyle and entertainment sites online. There are many sites that are okay with the wanna be “Nigga dis or dat” and all that rubbish “F” bombs and “bitch” talks you all be dropping in your music. It kills me often that African artists that have never even stepped out of the continent just watch American music videos, listen to music albums and now it is “nigga dis and that.” There is absolutely no lyrical prowess or talent displayed on their tracks. Just as criminal is the horrible accents as they use the “N” word etc.

By the way, for African female hip-hop artists off to tripping also with these “N” and “F” bombs, bleep that mess out when you send to my media outlet. Plus, it is not by force. There is so much work that needs to be done on the continent with young women, through your music. The little spotlight y’all get, you want to fight the fellas hard and show you too are bad to the bone? Unnecessary. Find your own identities.

In any event, since you all insist on copying Black-American artists, especially when you drop the N words and all kinds of curse words, you should BLEEP all that mess when you send your music to media outlets, especially my media outlets. I don’t want to receive such nonsense and rubbish. Also get in the habit of affixing your parental warnings on your marketing and promotions so adults can decide if they want to click through and be assaulted with the nonsense.

Also, pay close attention, there is a reason why on American radios and television stations, these words are bleeped out. We have a governing body that regulates use of such profanity and derogatory words on broadcast media. I marvel at the stupidity of copying another man’s negative culture and not even understanding the context, the boundary lines and why you copy another man’s culture in the first place.

Either way, don’t follow follow and waste my inbox with your nonsense. If you can’t be bothered to bleep curse words and all the “N” words, don’t send it to me. It is not by force. You continue with sending me the rubbish, I will blacklist you forever and ever. “Best believe dat.”


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  1. When I hear people in general whether in the nigeria music industry or not using the N word, I feel angry simply because it tells me that they are very ignorant. People lost their lives trying to end the usage of N word and a black person somewhere so ignorant of their history is happy to called him or herself N, Village N or N Raw. r nr nThey simply lack sense of history.

  2. Africamusiclaw says:

    @My Lovely Big Feet Blog, I agree! Believe it or not, I was just thinking about you last week and was wondering whatever happened to your blog. Good to see you here. I will have to subscribe so I don't lose contact again!r nr nCheers,r nUduak

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