Nigerian Music Going Global: Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle Williams Sing ‘When Jesus Say Yes,’ + “Can I Talk” or Ask, How Is Ice Prince Considered a Rapper?

I honestly, and with all due respect to Ice Prince, have to ask, “how is Ice Prince a rapper or considered a rapper?”

I, objectively, and honestly don’t get it, truly on the merits. I respect how hard Ice hustles. I respect his packaging. He looks great, dresses well, overall interviews well, has good non-rap music but when it comes to rap, I keep asking this question every time I hear him.

Also, Ice and everyone else, what’s with Nigerian/African rappers like Ice dropping “nigga” every other word on a track. Is “nigga” now just a common word/vocabulary for Africans just like white young people use it now, here in the States? Also, if you will drop”nigga,” in a song and call it “rap” music, can you not make it painfully, and I mean painfully obvious as a hip-hop artist, that rap/hip-hop and you have never met?

I will let Ice’s recent track titled ‘Can I Talk’ do all the talking. What’s so embarrassing is that you put Ice on a track where M.I features and M.I ends up making Ice look like he is still in grade school/primary one at best, while M.I obtained his graduate degree. This is unacceptable.

Thanks to Chocolate City Records (the label Ice is signed with) and the power of a promotions and marketing team, Ice is getting his work in mainstream Nigeria; and overseas but it don’t mean he is a “rapper.” Let’s be clear on this, certainly in my view.

Even Banky W that is not much of a rapper and recently jumped on Niyola’s Track ‘Love to Love You,’ tries harder than Ice on this track.

Now, contrast this whole Ice Prince “nigga” this and “nigga” that with Michelle Williams, Beyonce and Kelly singing an old classic song as far back as the 80s, sang by our Nigerian mothers and grand mothers titled ‘When Jesus Say Yes.’

These days, many Nigerian musicians discard their Nigerian identities to take on that of Americans in their musical composition, recording and delivery; BUT here is Michelle, Beyonce and Kelly about to capitalize major (money-wise) on Nigerian culture and heritage. Hey, it is what it is. Nigerian music going global, at the end of the day, not so (abi)?

Let’s just hope Michelle, Beyonce, Kelly got the clearance rights or is the song in the public domain under Nigerian copyright law at this point?


Can I Talk How is Ice a Rapper

WARNING: Explicit content, please click at your own discretion

Ice Prince

Watch Michelle Williams perform the song below at an event. Today, the audio/song was leaked but has been removed from most sites because according to Michelle it is an unmixed and unmastered copy.

(Acoustic Version – Michelle Williams)

(Apparently Michelle Williams is slow to the party, Others Have Been Doing Remixes in the West)

Banky W on the Niyola Track ‘Love to Love You’

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  1. Haaa Big thanks to you Uduak at least am greatful we’ve got so great pple who are critical on how mucis affects us culturally as African………..As regards this ice price guy SMH he no way close to a rapper he lyrics is garbage i mean if u’e heard rappers like talib kweli, Khali Abdu, Jagz, Reminisce rap u’ll know dis guy aint worth calling a rapper/ When i lost hope in this was when he churend out crap whif his intl collabo wif french i mean d vid was wack and d lyrics….I NO DEY CHOP STICK, I NO DEY CRYY LAST BLA BLA BLA was just nonsense

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