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Nigerian Pastor Daughter Funmi Oduyemi’s Nude Photos, a BET Gospel Sunday BEST Contestant, Hits the Internet


Do Pastors’ daughters not have sex, premarital sex? When a Pastor signs up to be a Pastor, are the children automatically signed up to be preachers? Are they allowed to make their own mistakes or to deviate from their father or mother’s chosen path?

Is it a “scandal” when nude photos of a musician or otherwise hits the web when such photo was taken in the privacy of his/her home and never intended for the public? Wande Coal, Mo’Cheddah, Tiffany ‘Fake London’ Boy, eLDee are some of the celebrities whom we have seen and heard involved or associated in situations concerning nude photos.

In eLDee and Mo’Cheddah’s situation, nude photos of Mo’Cheddah were sent to eLDee’s twitter account. The duo claimed hackers hacked into Mo’Cheddah’s account and proceeded to share Mo’Cheddah’s nude photos.

For all those mentioned above, it has been embarrassing to watch for many including colleagues, fans, family and loved ones and the public at large. Industry/celebs or what have you. Given that you know you are in the limelight and that electronic devices from cell phones to laptops can be stolen, what sense does it make to store nude photos of yourselves on these devices?

I happen to hold the opinion that two consenting adults, whether they are offsprings of a preacher or not, can make the mature decision to take as many nude photos as they want with their lovers, husbands, wives or what have you. Their sexual lives in the privacy of their homes are exactly that, private.

Nevertheless, celebrities are NOT the average person. Even the person you date will and can become a deadly threat when the relationship goes sour. The facts reported on this case are not quite clear. But they need not be. What matters is that the photos of BET Sunday’s Best Funmi Oduyemi, a gospel singer and the child of a now deceased Pastor, is all over the web. She is displayed in very unflattering sexual poses and frankly highly embarrassing.

It is alleged her ex-lover gave the photos to the media for publishing. Others allege an angry wife of the person she had an alleged affair with released the photo. Whatever the story, the pictures are on the web which means she has a problem, especially if she is based in Nigeria.

From where I sit, depending on the facts, even the media/bloggers that publish these images for the sensation of it all, can and should be sued. Certainly there are many legal theories one can attempt to put forth, one being the invasion of privacy. The whole idea of publishing every and all things that come across your desk is, to me, very absurd!

Having said that, celebs, artists, talents or what have you, again, if you know you are in the limelight, what sense does it make to store nude photos on your devices? Like, what’s really good? You are in the limelight for crying out loud. Anything is fair game and not all persons around you like you. There are a few passive aggressive people around you that hate your guts, you just don’t know it yet.

I have dealt with these nude photo issues before here on AML and to date, they remain the most visited of my articles on my site. I am a bit tired of having to go over them, again. But, for the Oduyemis of the world, if indeed the photos were private, consider suing:

1. The ex-lover or whomever took the photos and released then. Even if you are in Nigeria, there are tort claims your lawyer can bring against this person. There is a thin line between love and hate. The relationship is over. We move on but we don’ t invade privacy like that.

2. Consider reading about crisis management here.

3. Consider reading about how to have the photos taken down here.

Bottom line, Get a lawyer to stop the circulation of personal and private photos that were never intended for the web; and of which those publishing do not have consent both from the actual person in the image to exploit their likeness or image, and arguably the consent of the person who took the photos.

CLICK AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION: For the story, click here. 

-Uduak Oduok

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