AML 009: Nigeria’s First Female Rapper Weird MC on Music Distribution, Promotions, Women in Music & More!

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Happy New Week AML People.

I was hoping to get this to you over the weekend. I was unable to do so.

Nevertheless, it’s here. Enjoy and have a great week ahead. Before the week runs out, I should update with all other mediums online to listen to the show including iTunes.

Also, folks, our new schedule kicks in tomorrow. This means I will catch you all this Friday when we begin our weekend blogging from here onwards.

Please let me know your thoughts on the Weird MC interview. I think she is  simply brilliant. What’s your take on the many insights she shares?


Show Summary: In this episode, Uduak Oduok, Fashion & Entertainment Lawyer and host of The Africa Music Law Show, speaks with Rapper Weird Mc. Weird MC who is the first female rapper in Nigeria’s music industry discusses her break into the music industry, Nigeria’s music infrastructure, importance of creating great content, marketing, promotions, distribution, digital rights and distribution (Spinlet, IROKING), performance rights organizations (COSON), music management, dealing with the press (allegations of using drug to enhance stage performance), women in music (sexual harassment), overcoming personal adversity/challenges (death of parents at early age), staying relevant and self care. Enjoy.

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Credit: Written, Produced & Edited by Uduak Oduok, Esq.

AML Theme Song 1 ‘Delight’: Nigerian-American Producer Kid Konnect
AML Theme Song 2 ‘Africans Modern Mix’: American Producer John Keller
Special Guest: Weird MC |  Composer, Producer, Recording Artist, Rappertainer, Music Entrepreneur

Twitter: Weirdmcofficial

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Host Intro (Discussion on security issues in Nigeria (Abuja Bombing))
  • Special Guest Intro
  • Special Guest Interview

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