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Nigeria’s NCAA Ready to Wage Legal War Against British Airways for Price Fixing Slammed on Nigerian Travelers

It is about time the Nigerian government begins fighting for its citizens. Both from British citizens and Nigerian citizens, I have heard the nastiest of stories on how the green passport is a liability and the ill treatment of Nigerian citizens on British soil. Some of the accounts I have heard overtime, are at best, despicable.

I also understand that ‘Traveling While Nigerian’ is rampant and the order of the day. Sadly, a minority Nigerian citizens have contributed to the stigma and ill-treatment of its citizens. This is where I launch into my pitch on how Nigerians love all things Western and to be very blunt, as if I know how to be anything but that, we do not like our selves.

In any event, fast forward. No time to get into all of that mess right now. Suffice it to say, the government is fighting the British Airways for price fixing among other ill treatments levied against Nigerian travelers.  The allegations may or may not be true. But bottom line, it is good to see NCAA throw a legal punch. Hope it is hard and they have concrete evidence. Hope they also have trial lawyers that are sharks to  shut it down. I am frankly sick and tired of the woeful stories of ill treatment I hear actually happens to Nigerians by the British law enforcement, British owned businesses  including British Airways.

“LAGOS — The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, yesterday, accused British Airways, BA, of undermining constituted authority in the country, even as it said it would be waiting for the airline to prove its innocence in court over allegations of price fixing and unfair fare regime slammed on Nigerian travellers on the London route.

Director-General of the agency, Dr. Harold Demuren, said in a statement in Lagos that the agency was conscious of its regulatory role in the industry, and took a balanced and objective posture to ensure that the rights of investigated airlines were respected as well as the interest of Nigerian passengers.

BA had, weekend, sent the regulatory agency a pre-action notice, notifying it of its intentions to go to court to clear itself of the price fixing allegation. . .

Demuren, who had earlier confirmed the agency’s receipt of a pre-action notice from BA to Vanguard on telephone last night, laughed off the airline’s decision to go to court, saying the agency’s lawyers were battle ready with facts.

According to him, BA is just grand-standing as it does not have facts to wriggle its way out of the allegation in court.

He said: “I will say they have zero confidence of winning in court; we are ready for them. They have written us a letter, an appeal procedure, which is normal, but we are ready with facts, all our facts are there, our lawyers are ready.”

Asked if he was not disappointed by the airline’s defiant stance on the issue, Demuren said he was not the least surprised, saying “it shows you the kind of people they are, but we will not shy away from our responsibility to our people.

“They think we don’t have courts here, let them go to court. They were charged by the US government for unfair practices and they paid; therefore, they must pay here because the situations are the same. . . ” Vanguard Nigeria has the full story.

Please start the legal fight already. I am grabbing my popcorn and sitting on the edge of my seat on this one. The fight better be good because I intend o enjoy every minute of  it.

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  1. Hey Uduak, just rolling by :-). This is really quite sad. I recently booked a flight to Nigeria & to my dismay, continental airlines does not accept credit card payments for flights to Nigeria because of too much fraud. I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the issue in this post but I just thought I’d throw that in. It’s unfair how we’re treated yes, even after the Nigerian bomber incident I know a few people who were treated poorly with green passports entering into the states. The unfair treatment of Nigerian travellers stretches beyond this issue. It’s sad & it’s shameful.

    1. Africamusiclaw says:

      @Aj Citi- agreed. I have witnessed it first hand. I got a green passport as an adult. Prior to, I would travel with my USA passport. On one of my few trips to Nigeria, I was shocked with the way KLM treated Nigerian citizens. I was so angry and also placed a complaint. They told me Nigerians were notorious for drug trafficking and needed to go through the aggressive pat downs among other things they put them through.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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