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Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke Warns AMAA Awards Organizers, “Restrategize” Before “Some of (Your) Strategies” Become “Obsolete”

Jim IykeBy far one of the biggest requests I have received since I started AML, a year ago, is industry persons in film asking me to discuss and share Nollywood legal news. Ironically, my foray into Nigeria’s entertainment industry began first with a keen interest in Nollywood from the perspective of script writing and costume design. It is what ultimately motivated me to enroll in college a few of years ago to take a  script writing course as well as write what I deem my first John Grisham like movie script set in Nigeria and the USA. I hope to produce the script someday but we shall see.

In any event, I still keep a very close watch on industry happenings in Nollywood, its legal shennanigans et al. But, I have a vision for where I want to take my contributions in the music industry. So, until it is time to take my feet off the music law gas pedal so I can return to execute my vision with respect to film law for Nollywood, we keep it rolling here on AML.

Having said the above, to the degree I have discussed film on this platform, it has been where it intersects with music. It is no news Jim Iyke, Actor/Rapper (albeit a short lived music attempt), is one Nollywood personality I discuss regularly on AML. If I am not defending his position, I am giving him the AML legal shake down with some of his out of control conduct.

In any event, Jim Iyke is in the news, again.

This time, Iyke , in a news conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, says the African Movie Academy Awards, which has been dubbed the African Oscars, needs to re-strategize. He challenges the organizers to step up and bring the event into the 21st century as their strategies could be “obsolete.”

This is a potent statement to make, especially on foreign soil, about the Nigerian organized AMAA event.  Can you guys see an American actor doing that overseas? It might have been more appropriate to have such discussions on Nigerian soil at a press conference in Nigeria. Not so?

Has anyone attended the AMAA awards  on the ground? What are your thoughts? What constructive feedback do you have for the organizers? Do you  think Iyke should have discussed his views in Nigeria, as opposed to Kenya?

(If you are part of AMAA), please leave an appropriate disclaimer (should you choose to respond), otherwise I will delete your comment if I become aware you are part of the event organizers.

“Visiting Nigerian actor Jim Iyke has dismissed the African Movie Academy Awards organisation. Speaking during an interview with journalists at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi, Jim said the the organisers needed to re-strategise for the awards to regain their glamarous status.

“I have to been to different awards and I cannot even put the AMAA’s in the same category. The management need to know that times are changing and soon some of their strategies will be obsolete,” the movie-star turned entrepreneur said.

The AMAA Awards, are presented annually to recognise excellence of professionals in the African film industry, including directors, actors, and writers. . .”

All Africa has the full story.


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