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Nollywood Actress ENIOLA BADMUS Addresses Body Image and Weight Issues, Vows to LOVE SElf


It is incredibly amazing to me to see a shift in Nigeria’s definition of beauty. As I have said before on this blog and publicly when interviewed on television, I grew up believing that the likes of Eniola Badmus was how a Nigerian society defined beauty. In fact I was continually told I was “beautiful BUT” had this big flaw i.e.I was “not fat.” I needed to be “fat to be beautiful.” Nigerians don’t say “curvy.” They call it what it is “fat.” So, I grew saying and thinking that “I want to be fat.” LOL!

I again remain astonished that out society now mocks and insults fat women. I wonder, if we can adopt western culture in terms of definitions of beauty, why can’t we do the same with basic infrastructure, healthcare, education and taking a stance against domestic violence, among other basic and even more pressing issues? *Sigh*

Strictly from a health standpoint, I am glad to see Eniola doing something about her weight and also toughening up against bullies. I became a lawyer partly because of bullies. Did they bully me? No way, dem no born dem well. On the contrary, I found that I enjoyed beating up the bullies who bullied the little ones and thought they could get away with it. I wasn’t even as tall as I am now. I just had heart. I became so good at it, I thought I would turn it into a career. Lol! 🙂 I know it sounds crude but it is true.

Folks, don’t let anyone, I don’t care how much money they have or their status or how good they look, bully you. And believe me you will meet them in all facets of your life. I also think the same holds for opinions. I may not agree with your opinion or philosophy or values, in fact I probably don’t agree with many; but I refuse to let the tyranny of the majority drown dissenting views wether those views contradict mine or that of others, or society at large.

You guys already know such an ethos has its own drawbacks. They are drawbacks I am content to live with though. Eniola, good job. One step at a time. The first step is owning responsibility for how you look, without beating yourself up. The next step is doing something about it. You are doing both. Great.


Eniola Badmus

“I snapped dis photo of myself because I feel so good of wot I am. Sure I dnt av d perfect body but I can finally say wif 100% honesty dat I luv me…..itz been a difficult journey but….#iaminlovewithme my new found love affair with myself has motivated me to start eating right, working out, doing yoga nd staying positive…..practicing self love everyday nd nt being afraid to be #EniolaBadmus nd it feels so good….I may av big tommy buh i still look yummy… may nt b society’s version of perfect buh it belongs to me……I put it to u today dat am beautiful inside nd out #stopbodyshaming”

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