Omawumi redeems image with much more professional interview on Battabox TV

Omawumi Interiew Labo Africa Music LawIt’s been over two months since Omawumi’s unwarranted flare up against a journalist that was only doing her job, i.e. asking the tough questions. Omawumi was simply rude and unprofessional. Nevertheless, it appears she is ready to put the incident behind her as she sits with Battabox’s ‘Conversations With Labo’ for a refreshing interview.

Watch her interview:

“If there’s one Nigerian celebrity who is down to earth and has a high level of self awareness, it’s Omawumi and it showed throughout this conversation.

“I don’t even know how to strike a pose,” Omawunmi says funnily

BattaBox brings you Conversations With Labo with her first featured celebrity – Omawunmi Megbele , Nigeria’s sensational singer and song writer.

She talks about why she has had no new friends since she moved to Lagos, what struck her about Waje and how they evolved to become best friends .

“We empower and encourage each other,” she says

She also spoke about how her marriage has affected her relationship with Waje and if her husband will ever separate them, she says ‎”Baba Kamila, he can’t do it.He met us together”

She also talks about lip syncing, why she still speaks pidgin and ‎ her take on using fashion and beauty solely to push a celebrity brand.

Conversations with Labo is a talkshow featuring celebrities, social influencers and people in the news, sharing their experiences and giving insights on social issues facing us as individuals and society as a whole.

Some of the topics discussed are: Feminism, Nigeria’s porn culture, Mentorship, Drug abuse, male virginity and so many other hot topics we need to keep having conversations about, until we find answers and lasting solutions.”

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