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Opinion: Arik Air Disappoints For The Umpteenth Time by Awodiji Funmilayo


Arik AirlinesWho recalls when Banky W and other passengers had a serious issue with Arik Airlines?

It was a few years ago. The R&B singer was stuck on a plane with no air conditioning and so were his fellow passengers. He/someone videotaped it and the video went viral. Prior to and since then, we have heard all kinds of customer concerns/frustration with the airline.

Yet another one emerges, this time via Awodiji Funmilayo who booked a Lagos-New York bound flight on March 11th, 2015, only to have her flight cancelled and rescheduled to 14th without notice. She claims the airline has been unresponsive to her emails/contacts and wants a refund.

For a case like this, the public relations route used is one method. Another method is to sue the company for a refund. Be sure to read the terms and conditions you sign with the airlines that may cover their ability to cancel flights and their obligation, if any, to notify you of such cancellation.

-Ms. Uduak

Read her recount her ordeal in an email to the airline:

“Dear Arik Team,

I am sending this email, with great displeasure and disappointment.

I am highly disappointed with your services. Your respect for service/performance deliverable’s is zero. Your duty to your customers is nothing to write home about.

For your services to the USA, you have showcased absolute, lack of professionalism. Words cannot begin to explain how I feel. Why should people trust your services? In the industry, you operate in, if your customers cannot trust you words or rely on your services, it then becomes a major challenge.

And if the airline cannot keep to their promises, then I have a major problem with that. There is a golden rule that says treat people the way you expect/need to be treated in return.

Is it a crime to patronize a Nigerian Airline? What crime did I commit to warrant such services from Arik. You have now shifted the flight again by two days.

If the organization cannot operate this route efficiently, then shut it down!! for Gods sake.

My name is Awodiji Funmilayo, I initially booked (ZT6OSC) my flight out of Nigeria for the 11th of March (w3107), and it was cancelled and rescheduled to 14th without contacting me, to check if I would still travel or if the date was convenient for me. In addition to that, we got to the airport and spent close to 15 hours waiting for the flight. Would you do that to a white man? Is it because the airline has not been sued for such actions, that you get away with such services?

I see such actions as fraudulent, because it is obvious that the team cannot maintain these services and they still have it up for people to unknowingly buy the tickets. This is a dubious trend.

You are intentionally putting people under emotional and mental stress for no just reason.

You have messed up all my plans all over again, I have to be in Nigeria in time to see my kids on their visiting for the 21st.

I want to use this medium to ask for a full refund of my un-used segment, as I would never used your services again, why should a fellow black treat me this way?

I need my money back as soon as possible.”

-Awodiji Funmilayo

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