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Osagie Alonge confirms Wizkid’s self-hatred & drug addiction problems, but has he been an enabler?


I recently discussed Wizkid after one of his baby mamas Shola Ogudu unleashed on him for being primarily absent in his son’s life for seven years, among a torrent of terrible accusations. I said based on all that Wizkid has displayed publicly, I believed he has a serious self-hatred, low self-esteem, and drug addiction problem, and that in my view, he needed counseling to get him back on track.

Some of you, in response, felt my conclusion that he had a serious “self-hatred” problem was too strong. I hate to break it to you that I was right on the money. A few days after my article, popular music journalist Osagie Alonge has now confirmed Wizkid’s self-hatred, and addiction problems. His confirmation reiterates my point that Wizkid needs urgent drug counseling intervention, at a minimum. It also shows that there are many enablers, Osagie included, in Wizkid’s life that have not held him accountable. I believe one of the worst things a person suffering from an addiction problem can have is enablers, whether through action or inaction, that help validate the feeling of lack of self-worthiness, among other things, and drives that person to continued addiction.

For Nigeria’s music industry, the old school face for drug addiction was Majek Fashek. Today, that face, in my view, is Wizkid. So, let me tell you all what I predict will happen at this point:

1) Those who really claim they care about Wizkid, and moving the culture forward will step in and help save this young man’s life by getting him into a drug rehabilitation program; or

2) Wizkid will carry on but don’t be surprised if you read about him suffering a complete psychological/mental breakdown; or

3) Don’t be surprised if what happens on western shores hits close to home and you hear of him overdosing on drugs and possibly losing his life.

The last two is not about wishing Wizkid bad. It is just the natural flow of things when a problem like this is ignored and fans, media, industry, Wizkid’s team, and everyone around him enable him for their own personal/business goals.

On a different note, many of you were tagging and sending me all kinds of messages about Osagie’s podcast but when I clicked your links to see the podcast, I was like, “3 hours plus to listen? Haba!” Nobody got time to sit through 3.5 hours of Loose Talk Podcast. So, shout out to one of you who identified the specific area that Osagie gets into his torrential downpour on Wizkid, 2:30 to the 3:00 mark.

Also, many of you have tagged me regarding Osagie’s statement about Teni the Entertainer. Let’s take it in bytes. I will address that issue soon.

 Osagie’s alleged “FactsOnly” statements about Wizkid below:

  1. Osagie Alonge says he first broke the story about Wizkid’s first child he had with Shola Ogudu. Since then, Shola has been placed in the lime light and from his tone, Alonge feels bad for that, even though he says he was just doing his job.
  2. Osagie claims Wizkid is sexually “irresponsible” and “reckless” and his fathering of three children by three women is just one exhibit.
  3. He claims Wizkid has destroyed the lives of many people, especially within the industry.
  4. He says 2Face created and normalized a “baby daddy” culture in Nigeria, Ice Prince joined, and Wizkid has accelerated it.
  5. He says Wizkid has been physically and emotionally abusive to his prior managers. He has also swindled his managers.
  6. He says Wizkid routinely collects monies for shows but does not show up. Wizkid is lazy, sleeps constantly, is very insecure and is a drug addict, with one of his drugs of choice being cocaine.
  7. Osagie claims Wizkid is currently being managed by Sunday Are who Osagie believes is a veteran manager unable to keep up with the times and pace of the 21st century music industry. He claims all Are does is book events for Wizkid.
  8. He claims Wizkid has a deep insecurity issue as a result of his constant comparing of himself to Davido and that insecurity led to him undermining Wande Coal’s attempt to be on an album with Davido.
  9. He claims Wizkid, based on Osagie being privy to Wizkid’s passport, is actually 30 years old, and not his age of 27/28.
  10. Osagie claims Wizkid steals songs. He says his major debut single ‘Holla at your boy’ was stolen from an Asian artist. He also confirms Dammy Krane’s story from a few years back that Wizkid stole his song ‘Baba Nla.’
  11. He claims Wizkid has a modus operandi of drugging artists with cocaine, at least May D and Dammy Krane, before stealing their songs.
  12. He alleges a Bill Cosby type move Wizkid allegedly made on a young woman by drugging her up with cocaine, unknown to her, and it is unclear but it appears he is saying the woman may have been sexually violated by Wizkid.
  13. He identifies people he claims Wizkid owes money to or that no longer work with him as a result of his unprofessionalism including Legendury Beatz, Maleek Bery, Sarz, Disturbing London, and Bizzle Osikoya.
  14. He says Wizkid has an expensive drug habit, is broke, and spent a million dollars he received from Chris Brown for copyright clearances of songs, to actually live above his means, including renting a home in L.A. which he misrepresented that he bought.
  15. Finally, for part of the allegations relevant to my prior writings, he claims, the reason Wizkid did not show up for the Coachella Festival is because he is signed to a contract he cannot uphold.

Again, what has Osagie been doing all this while, especially as a journalist, and especially with the story of Wizkid drugging a woman’s drink?

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