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(Video) P-Square: The Okoye Brothers Fight in Lawyer’s Office and it’s a Shame!

I already said the dispute between the band P-Square would get uglier and to brace yourselves. Indeed it is getting uglier. In a letter written by Peter Okoye to Square Records attorney, Festus Keyamo, Peter claimed he was afraid of his life and that he recorded a video at the lawyer’s office where his brother Jude Okoye, P-Square manager, made death threats towards him.

Within three days of writing the letter to Keyamo, Peter Okoye’s letter was submitted to Linda Ikeji for publishing. It also appears the video of the referenced fight above was submitted. This morning, Nigerian time, Ikeji publishes the video of the fight and it is ugly.

Ms. Uduak’s Take

Several issues I continue to have:

  1. Why does Peter Okoye insist on destroying the brand just because it is no longer working for him? If you are wondering why I keep placing a large part of the responsibility on Peter, it is because he and his camp continue to be the source of feeding the public all things negative about this brand including the confidential letter to his attorney, and now the video. His siblings have been quiet so far. Neither Jude nor Paul Okoye have a motive to release the video or his letter because: a) it was not in their custody; and b) assuming for whatever reason they have it, it is highly detrimental to their brand reputation. The lawyer also has no incentive to do so because it is bad for business, all around, ethical issues are involved, and it shows he lacks control of his clients. So, we are back to the one person who has a motive to do so, the one person who authored the letter and recorded the video. He and his camp had an incentive to release it to the public. We know this because all of Peter’s social media efforts for a few years now to paint his brothers as evil has back fired placing him as the person the public actually distrusts. He has an incentive to show his brothers are actually the evil ones and not the other way around.
  2. I think the timing of the release of this video is also off. If Peter’s letter is accurate, this altercation occurred last year. Nevertheless, the video comes a day after his brother Jude Okoye and Jude’s wife just had a baby, and on the heels of Peter congratulating them on social media, despite his claims of being afraid for his life and that of his family. When you invite the public into your private and business affairs, it is simply not good. There are so many remedies available that are very powerful and effective in getting the results that Peter seeks.
  3. Speaking of remedies, let’s address it. First, all brothers need to get their own individual entertainment lawyers since all of their interests at this point conflict. You can’t share one lawyer that is a lawyer for the company when there is a clear conflict of interest with what you want, what your band mates want, and what is in the best interest of Square Records, your record label.
  4. Peter Okoye, again, shows immaturity, lack of judgment and a good business head, despite all of his claims to the contrary. Instead of writing the letter he did, wasting so much time on social media all of these years revealing the inner conflicts among the band, he should have hired his own lawyer and have his lawyer handle all things related to P-Square with the company lawyer and his brothers. This then creates a necessary and critical buffer that insulates him from all the nonsense and shows he means business about severing his relationship with the band.
  5. Peter Okoye, particularly, is a client you do not want to represent as a lawyer. Even if I had a chance, I honestly would not represent and would turn down a request for representation from all of these brothers, especially Peter. These types of clients are a nightmare for a lawyer. They don’t take directions, and worse, they succeed in making a lawyer look very bad. Festus Keyamo looks like he has absolutely no control over his clients. Peter should not be recording a video in a confidential meeting with the company’s attorney. Peter might argue that his brother Jude Okoye was threatening him that is why he switched on the camera and began recording. The problem is he leaves out what happened prior to them getting to the point he starts recording, and his recording is biased and only tells one story from his role as director filming it and playing victim. It should never get to the stage where clients walk into an attorney’s office and are this disrespectful, discard laws that are meant to protect them, and worse, take confidential discussions to social media. For Nigerian entertainment lawyers in Nigeria reading this, this is an absolute “no no.” Your clients should not make a public mockery of your practice, and be this disrespectful in your presence. Also, if such a physical altercation occurs and there are such threats, you should call the police, or document what you did after the fact. Peter’s video is an overall bad look for the lawyer involved here as well.

-Ms. Uduak

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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    It’s clear now . . . Peter is Tom and Paul is Jerry; and Jude is Spike, the hard-faced dog who always finds himself in the middle of their squabbles, and who seemingly sides with Jerry in their matters.

    I guess tomorrow Tom will drop a diss-track about Jerry. This is arguably the most anticipated release to come out of this camp since ‘Alingo’.

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