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Nollywood Rips the Living Day Lights Out of Lady Gaga Name in Nollywood Flick “Lady Gaga” Starring Funke Akindele and Oge Okoye

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“Piracy this, piracy that. Piracy is killing Nollywood. Piracy, piracy, piracy.” How many times have we heard the Nollywood film industry  complain about this. Yet, screen writers, producers, directors and all continue to just rip the living day lights out of names, image and trademarks of famous American stars. The latest thievery is the straight up hi-jacking and ripping off …

Music: Twin Affairs ‘I Love You Die’ + ‘Stop Bragging’

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“Twins Affair is made of Taye and Kehinde Olusola. Both music graduates from Delta State University, Abraka. They started music professionally 4 years ago as singers and music producers working with a handful of upcoming artistes including Finland based Nigerian Phemo, Tesleem d don and others.” [audio:|titles=Twins Affair] [audio:|titles=Stop bragging ft Twins affair] Courtesy photo and tracks

Music: Twin Affairs ‘Be My Girlfriend’

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“The duo of Twins Affair have been described as the next P square. The most successful music artiste in Africa is a twin and honestly do feel the reason for their success is first and foremost, the chemistry between them. Like the P Square brothers, Twins Affair – a duo made up of two brothers produce their on records which …