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P-Square Accused of Copyright Infringement, Again!

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In December of 2010, singer Waje accused Africa’s biggest stars P-Square  of copyright infringement of their hit song “Do me.”(This was the second time the press had repeated her story.) I covered the legal issues raised by her allegations and you can read it here. Barely a year since those allegations, and after a very successful recent album launch for …

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Singer Waje Accuses P-Square of Copyright Infringement

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NOTE: Article republished from December 2010 Alleged Facts: This music news resurfaces again, after being published last month here. Waje, a rising vocalist/singer, according to the news, alleges copyright infringement by P-Square in their hit song ‘Do Me.’ Key facts according to the aforementioned news are as  follows: 1) Waje collaborated with P-Square to produce ‘Do Me;’ 2) She was …

The Basic Structure of Nigeria’s Legal System

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Nigeria‘s Legal System An important thing to know for all una olodos 🙂 out there is Nigeria’s court system and legal structure, especially now that you might graduate into another level of success once you sign your contract with a label or vice versa. Nigeria‘s Legal Structure 1. Federal Law & Courts– Like the USA, there is a federal law of …

How to Negotiate an Artist-Manager Contract (The Manager)

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By far the most common relationship present in Nigeria’s (Naija) music industry is the Artist-Manager relationship. Only a handful of artists are signed to record labels but when it comes to managers, almost all artists seem to have managers. Indeed it is not uncommon to hear artists say, “talk to my manager” or showoff that they have managers. Because this …

Things to Know Before you Sign a Music Contract!

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As Nigeria’s (Naija) entertainment industry grows, we see it becoming sophisticated and talents and entertainment companies looking to the court system to resolve disputes. While Nigeria might not have a great criminal justice or civil law system, when it comes to commercial/contract disputes (a subset of Nigeria’s civil law system), we find that Nigeria’s legal system manages to work relatively …