Is Peter Okoye’s Mr. P Brand Going to Be All About Sampling American Artists?

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We all know about the falling out of P-Square. We also know that while the fate of P-Square remains in limbo (there is still no announcement of an official dissolution), the band members have moved on with their solo acts.

Peter Okoye has formed his own new brand called Mr. P., while his twin brother Paul Okoye operates under the brand Rudeboy. The two have released songs and music videos under their new brands. The only issue, however, is that Peter Okoye seems to be quickly building a reputation as an artist who lacks originality. Considering that was a big part of the challenge he had under the P-Square label, it seems perplexing and his fans are taking notice and calling him out on it.

His first major hit single ‘Cool it Down’ sampled American artists Mya and Blackstreets’s song ‘Take Me There.’ Now, Peter is out with yet another single, titled ‘My Way,’ and this time it samples the master recording in American artist Mario’s ‘I don’t wanna know.’ His fans also point out the similarities in his music video with Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Wake Me Up.’

So, what’s the deal with Peter? He made so much fuss about being original, being talented and not hanging in the shadows of his twin brother when it comes to songwriting, and overall music production, yet he can’t seem to give his fans some originality? Interesting.

By the way, I do not address intellectual property issues on Peter’s samplings because there is no accusation that Peter has infringed on the rights of copyright owners. When or should that happen, I’ll address it. Until then, the focus is on branding.

Mario Winans – I Don’t Wanna Know (which actually samples Fugees ‘Ready or Not’)

Peter Okoye’s My Way (which seems to sample Mario’s version of the Fugee instrumental)

Chris Brown – Don’t wake me up

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  1. Bottom line is that Mr. P needs to hire a lawyer to help him handle the impending lawsuits coming his way. This is what happens when you come from a country where there is no real music industry, and no rules put in place to discourage and prevent this type of foolishness.

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