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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye Continue P-Square Feud on Social Media

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Celebrities Behaving Badly (CBB) is a category on AML launched in April 2012 after Seun Kuti went bananas on Obi Asika on social media. The category highlights the celebrity foolishness on social media and uses it as a way of discussing, primarily, public relations and branding for artists. On to today’ s post…

By now most of Africa and the world is familiar with the feud between the band mates P-Square, a group of twin brothers, and their manager Jude Okoye. If you are unfamiliar, visit this link to get caught up. Very damaging, this week, was a release of a video showing a physical altercation among the brothers. The video was recorded by Peter Okoye and most likely was released from a member of his camp. Given the severity of the altercation, you would think that the brothers would at least give the public room to digest all the drama they unleashed this week and their attorney stepping in to try to defuse the situation. But nooooooooo, not at all. They continue to make their inner conflicts known on social media.

Since the release of their fight video, and within the last 24 hours, Paul Okoye has unfollowed Peter Okoye’s wife, Omolola Okoye. Peter Okoye has dared his brothers to stop him for using and playing P-Square’s songs at his so called solo “Mr. P” shows in the United States. Jude Okoye has thrown a subliminal jab at Peter advising him not to choke on social media, Paul Okoye has also thrown a subliminal jab at Peter making it known he sees Peter’s U.S. music efforts as irrelevant, and of course Peter has stayed true to form by hitting back at Paul. In between all of the above, Peter posted a video in which he apologizes to his brothers and takes the blame for taking private matters to social media. He later deleted the message and informed the public the video was recorded in 2016. Peter also attempts to patronize the wives of his brothers by praising them publicly while of course insulting their husbands, his brothers, and claiming he is afraid for his life.

Ms. Uduak’s Take

Folks, the public relations lessons in this are too many to count. These brothers are bent on just having a “show me your yansh” week on social media. The brand’s needs are not even at the forefront of any of their minds at this point. In addition, for Peter who claims his life and that of his family is threatened, everything he has done, so far, completely contradicts his claims.

AML artists, when you have disputes, especially those involving your family members, social media is not the place to spill all of the family drama and shenanigans, no matter how bad you hurt. If you are that hurt, you can seek counseling, therapy, talk to friends, seek legal action. Your family will forever be your family, irrespective of your careers which is usually short-lived, given the nature of the entertainment business. Social media, on the hand, provides no tangible conflict resolution results except to invite the world into your home, and memorialize your family disputes indefinitely in the public sphere.

Please, do not act like the Okoye brothers when you have disputes. It is bad for your family’s emotional and psychological well-being, short and long-term. It is also bad for business, and there are other ways to resolve a dispute such as this.

-Ms. Uduak

The Bad Behavior

Paul Okoye unfollows Lola Omotayo while Lola continues following him.

Peter Okoye sends a patronizing tweet after Paul Okoye unfollows his wife.

(Ms. Uduak’s Take: When you love and respect your brothers’ wives, you do not get on social media and make a spectacle of their families.  That includes their husbands, your brothers. In addition, it’s kind of weird to claim their husbands are threatening your live and that of your family and that you are afraid of them, yet turn around and hail their wives on social media).


Paul Okoye shades Peter vis subliminal tweet, and Peter responds. Claims he has moved on.

Peter Okoye Tries to Persuade the Public that he is a “GREAT SINGER.”

Peter Okoye makes clear he will keep performing P-Square songs without P-Square. So much for wanting to break up.

Jude Okoye’s Subliminal Message to Peter

Social Media Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji’s Blog

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