Pia Mia song theft issue: Phyno angry at Pulse Nigeria for suggesting he stole ‘I’m a Fan’

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Pulse Nigeria, a competitor to TheNet.ng, took it upon himself to negate TheNet.ng’s allegations, a few days ago, that American Singer Pia Mia stole Nigerian rapper Phyno’s song. In fact, they wrote and seem to suggest Phyno was the one who stole the song from the original producer of the song, an American.

Upon reading this claim, Phyno got angry and took to social media to blast Pulse Nigeria (Pulseng) and even seemed to suggest that they would be held liable for the alleged incorrect reporting. Make the long story short, Pulseng has now modified the article to remove any traces that Phyno may have been the thief. Pulseng does maintain that Pia Mia did not steal the song.

As I indicated in my latest podcast on this topic, the actions of both TheNet.ng and Pulse.ng underscore the importance of, at a minimum, careful investigative journalism when reporting news stories surrounding especially those involving legal claims. Allegations are not true facts. They are just allegations and any reporting even if quoted from a credible source must make room for inaccuracies from the source, especially where legal issues are concerned.

Many Nigerian media houses are quick to want to exonerate or crucify the people they write about based purely on speculation and factual inaccuracies and nothing more. This is unacceptable journalism and can and will in the future attract legal liability.

Lisen to my podcast on the Pia Mia -Phyno song theft fiasco. We will see what happens with this case.

-Ms. Uduak

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Pulse Ng article obtained from TheNetng

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