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PMAN issues statement as leadership crisis rocks organization


The PERFORMING MUSICIANS EMPLOYERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (PMAN) has recently issued a statement against some members of its organization accusing them of conspiring to illegally assemble, among other things. These members include Tee Mac (one of the founders of PMAN), and it is not the first time PMAN has had a serious breakdown in leadership.

Read the statement below.  I have also included an excerpt from a recent interview where Tee Mac responds to some of the accusations.

AML people, no wonder nothing substantial ever gets done for the artist in Nigeria/Africa. Too much bickering and fights at the leadership level.

-Ms. Uduak


It has just been brought to notice and attention of the National Executive Council of the PERFORMING MUSICIANS EMPLOYERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (PMAN) that some recalcitrant, dissident and estranged persons, which include but are not limited to Tee Mac Iseli, Orits Wiliki, Murphy Van Anthony, Omas Lance Perry, Keston Okoro and others conspired to illegally assemble themselves in Abuja on 31st January, 2017 primarily to perpetrate an unlawful act, that is, to hold what purports to be a National Delegates Conference of PMAN. Wherein a kangaroo election that is void abitinitio was allegedly conducted without the minute/ minimal compliance with the PMAN’s Constitution and due process of law.

Moreso, when the said purported election tagged “illegal act” was allegedly conducted in flagrant disregard and utmost disrespect to valid court processes pending before a court of competent jurisdiction in suits no: NICN/LA/272/2015 AND NICN /LA/ 537/2016. Consequently, the current real authentic National Executive Council of the duly registered PMAN, with Mr. Pretty Okafor as the duly elected substantive President hereby dissociates itself wholly and entirely from the said jamboree that looks like an election. PMAN further enjoins the unsuspecting members of the public to refrain from dealing with those rascals, who in a deliberate attempt to deceive and mislead members of the general public now parade themselves as products of the said act of illegality carried out by deviants.

We see this as a an act of economic sabotage to set back the good job that the current PMAN is doing to launch the 15 Trillion naira economy through the G-CREATE.NG product and to help the Federal Government diversify and reflate the economy thereby getting us off our present economy stranglehold. PMAN is undeterred and absolutely resolved to do same and will not be browbeaten intimidated or harassed from pursing this noble cause to its logical conclusion. Anybody, corporate organizations, government who supports and does business with those fraudsters is by default working in contrary to this noble cause of reflating our economy and so does this at his or her own peril.

PMAN takes no liability whatsoever and howsoever for any acts, commissions and omissions of these enemies of progress who are permanently and consistently pursuing their greedy and selfish agenda which is anti- people, and geared towards sabotaging the good deeds and efforts of the current executive that is determined also to make life better for musicians and Nigeria as a Nation.

Media houses to TAKE NOTICE that any services they rendered in recognition, and on behalf of the said illegal body without due consultation with, and clearance from this current executive of PMAN, will be viewed and /or deemed to be an act of conspiracy to commit a crime, and acts of economic sabotage or perfect an unlawful act. Thank you.



How challenging was your presidency at PMAN?

I took up this very difficult and time consuming assignment because I was one of the original founders. I took up tax at source for foreign musicians and work permit requirements for foreign artistes. We were working on an arts village in Badagry when the Dele Abiodun faction started their problem and we had to put everything on hold. When Dele Abiodun was arrested and charged to court I decided to step down and joined a bit later the Interim Government as Chairman to prepare for a new elections; it was a very challenging job.

What is your take on Pretty Okafor’s leadership?

Pretty Okafor was never a PMAN president so he has never held a post at PMAN.

Mr Pretty Okafor came into office some time ago through a consent judgement which set aside the previous government. What led to Pretty Okafor being sacked by the Federal High Court?

Pretty Okafor and his consort manipulated one of my old court cases and was declared Interim Caretaker Chairman (not President). We went to the same court and got the judgment set aside. He is not part of the Caretaker Committee inaugurated by the Hon Minister of Labour. Investigations into Pretty Okafor’s status has shown that he was never a PMAN registered member.

According to Pretty Okafor, he dragged you to the police over accusations of selling PMAN land in Abuja. Was this true or was this an attempt to tarnish your image?

As PMAN President I got the land back with an Offer of Statutory Right of Occupancy. We never had the actual Certificate of Occupancy because no fees were paid by PMAN in the past. It is absolutely impossible to sell land when you do not have a Certificate of Occupancy. Pretty Okafor and Kenny George invented the story trying to smear my image because I got an arrest warrant against Pretty Okafor.

Was there a misunderstanding between Tee Mac and Pretty Okafor before the accusation?

I had never met Pretty Okafor before Kenny George and Dr Zimakoy sold Okafor the dummy of PMAN Presidency. Dr. Zimakoy left Pretty Okafor’s team and also took him to the Police for fraud. He gave us very vital information as Pretty Okafor’s Treasurer on how much was collected and how it was spent.

How has the leadership crisis affected the organisation?

We have splinter groups all over from PDP to APC. It is everywhere Nigerians are because of different opinions and ideas. PMAN is on the right track now and I shall support any legally elected new PMAN President as an elder of the Union


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  1. RichyGame says:

    I don’t even know what to say about these guys anymore, PMAN is a troubled child. I think the government should just proscribe the organization and then start it up with fresher heads. Ask anyone in the music industry what they feel about PMAN, “teuh!” is what you’ll hear.

    I know that Tee Mac did his best for the body but where the actual problem lay is a mystery to me. Seems it’s only Bolaji Rosiji that had a smooth tenure if I’m right.

    I hope MCSN and COSON have resolved… I don’t know where they left their ‘beef’ again.

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