Pop Star Tiwa Savage Farts in Swimming Pool, Wants to Be a Missionary Worker – Gotta Love her!

I grew up a tomboy and that part of me is still very much alive, even as an adult. So of course I chuckled when I watched Tiwa Savage’s recent interview with Bella Naija where she chronicled some of her tomboyish ways. She took me a bit by surprise when she revealed she farts/has farted in a swimming pool; as one of the goofiest things she has ever done. Okay Ms. Tiwa Savage,  Kini big deal nau? Looooooooooool! Isn’t farting normal? Is that really tomboyish? Abeg. Next time Tiwa enters a pool, watch fans, media et al run for cover for fear of her farting. Loooool!

All jokes aside, I appreciated Tiwa’s sincerity. A quick story on farting. I recall when I informed my neighbors, in Nigeria, I was returning to the States almost 20years ago. They were very sad. One particular neighbor, after wishing me well, proceeded to warn me about the White people who fart in your face but pretend nothing happened and keep on with their conversation. She told me her relatives abroad had told her all about it and I should be careful. It was Oh! so funny. I was laughing so hard and could not get my head around it.  Looooool! I was laughing till I found it to be true of Americans, period, myself included. LOL! *Winks*

Tiwa Savage also threw an interesting curveball in her interview. She said she wants to be a missionary/do missionary work some day. It is hard to reconcile her current work with her long term goal of being a missionary. But I suppose she has a different idea of what missionary work entails? I’d love to see her clarify her thoughts on that point.

I do like her work, a lot. I think she is talented. I turned some of my family members on to her work and now “Love me, love me, love me” is an easily remembered and bookmarked song. Enjoy her interview below. Gotta love her!

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Tiwa Savage– a name that insists on ringing through households all over Africa is back with her second single Love Me Love Me Love Me. Forget about rejecting an undercover, nonsense love on first single Kele Kele Love, Tiwa instead shares her vulnerability while also showcasing diverse songwriting skills.

The sexy Nigerian born Sony/ATV and Grammy nominated songwriter (Fantasia, LeToya Luckett, Mya) exudes  the same sultry brilliance that flourished on Kele Kele Love, except this time around she sounds sweet and simple on an 80′s Soul-Funk infused track similar to the vocal softness of American RnB/Pop starlet Kelly Rowland. Blending her Yoruba tongue with English as tastily as a Summer Fruit smoothie while demanding that he “toju me (take care of me)” and “love me”, you enticingly lose yourself in the groove and lyrics. Furthermore, the rhythmic percussion weaves a thread of enjoyment throughout the track guaranteeing that we stay for the ride. .  .” Ladybrille Magazine has the full story.

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