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Popular Televangelist JUANITA BYNUM Arrested for Failure to Appear in Court #Warrants #CriminalLaw

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Juanita Bynum Arrested for Failure to Appear in COurtWe have been through this before but let me remind you all again. Whether you are dirt poor or powerful, rich and famous, when the following three groups of people request for your appearance in court, you show up! If you can’t for circumstances beyond your control, get someone else to show up for you or contact these groups to be excused. The groups are: lawyers, the police/police officers, and judges. Popular Pastor Juanita Bynum didn’t get the AML memo, apparently, and it resulted in an embarrassing arrest and negative media attention.

By the way AML artists, note the problem that got her in court in the first place i.e. the underlying lawsuit. She was paid to perform by a promoter but she never followed through and did not return the money back. How common is this scenario in the industry. The difference is that Americans sue. Africans, on the other hand, whether here in the USA or in Africa, get on twitter and go on a rant about nothing. If you are wronged like the EME cancellation last year and so many other cancellations we have seen, YOU SUE. Don’t waste time on social media and give your reputation as a promoter an extra beating.

By the way, artists, if you live in Nigeria, Ghana etc. and you show up here on US soil, act a fool,  defraud, commit a crime and run off to Africa, please believe if you somehow make your way back and the authorities find out, you will be picked up to face the music. So, as we say “respect yourself,” especially when you show up to visit another man’s land. When all else fails, get a lawyer. 🙂

Promoters, get on with the business of music and mobilize your legal team to help recoup your loss and help minimize the injury to your reputation, when artists/talents screw you over.

If the Defendant fails to show up or respond to the suit, you can easily get a default judgment as well as in scenarios like Bynum, a court can issue a warrant for the Defendant’s (artist/talent’s) arrest. If artists and those who represent them do not respect your business, show them how to.

“Televangelist Dr. Juanita Bynum was served with a warrant and arrested for failure to appear in court over a case going back to 2007 and in which the Christian minister was ordered by a judge to pay $140,000 to promoter ALW Entertainment.

The Dallas Morning News crime blog reports that Bynum was booked into the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas at about 10:30 p.m. last Thursday and was released the following day after appearing in court to address questions stemming from the case brought by ALW Entertainment.

The Dallas County Sheriffs Department’s media relations unit confirmed with The Christian Post Monday that Dr. Bynum had been arrested by the Dallas Police Department and was released on court order last Friday. The department also provided a copy of Bynum’s booking photo (seen at left).

According to court records, Al Wash filed a lawsuit against Bynum several years ago for failing to honor an agreement to perform in a play although she had been paid to do so by his company, ALW Entertainment. Named as defendants in the lawsuit were Bynum and Juanita Bynum Enterprises, Inc.

While public court records indicate that the case was initially closed in March of this year, civil proceedings were reinstated on April 5 and a warrant issued for Bynum’s arrest three days later. The Religion News Blog reports that the minister was arrested before her speaking engagement at the Ninth Annual Spring Prophetic Conference in Irving, Texas. .  .”

The Christian Post has the full story.

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