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Post SINZU ID as Theft Suspect, Rapper GODWON’s Rap Sheet for Stealing Candy in Home Burglary Incident Surfaces


Neyu Godwon Nyan aka GODWON, a Nigerian-American rapper,  was so busy identifying fellow Nigerian-American rapper Sinzu on twitter as a wanted theft suspect by Houston Police Department (HPD) for a recent theft crime, he forgot to make sure his rap sheet did not surface online. Worse, he claimed at least he was not going around “stealing” like Sinzu but it appears the evidence that has just surfaced contradicts his statements.

Note folks that being arrested and accused of committing a crime does not mean you actually did it.

Also, there is no showing, (meaning I couldn’t be bothered to check the public  criminal records in Texas) to see if Godwon took a plea, was convicted or whether this case was dismissed. Nevertheless,  you just wonder with these characters. How are you gonna go on twitter and ID a colleague as a suspect when you could be at the police station truly ID’ing him if you are really serious about it? Also, how is your credibility any better when you claim you have clean hands but you got a rap sheet with you stealing candy, among other things?

Then again, if there is indeed a criminal past with the Popo, it might explain such a move of tweeting to ID an alleged suspect as Sinzu.

*Sigh* The week hasn’t even started.




“Monday morning Jan. 12, about 3:27 a.m., sheriff’s deputies were called to investigate a suspicious person in the backyard of a home on Bittersweet Drive in the Pecan Grove subdivision.

Carlson said the homeowner reported seeing a strange man in her backyard after she got up to get a drink of water. When she saw the man he was in close proximity to her back door, said Carlson. She called 911 and when deputies arrived they found Neyu Godwin Nyan walking away from the Bittersweet home with a golf bag, a black bag, and a container of candy in his hand.

Deputies investigated and found that Nyan had gained entry into the unlocked garage and stole the property he was carting off. Neyu Nyan was taken into custody and booked into the Fort Bend County Jail for Burglary of a Habitation, $20,000 bond. Further investigation revealed that Nyan had other stolen property in his car that linked him to 4 burglary cases that occurred that same day on Bittersweet Drive. Nyan is a 26-year-old Pheasant Creek resident.” –The Fort Bend/Southwest Star Weekly Crime Statistics/Indictment (scroll all the way to the bottom to see report)

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  1. Sameena says:

    Haha! So funny. Searching online they both have mugshots. I get Godwon’s point though, Sinzu was living lavishly with stolen money and posting pictures everywhere. Hence Godwon’s reply to someone on twitter “I have been shady, but I haven’t been posting pix of 2 new Mercedes when I need 300 bucks so bad I have to steal.”

    Remember Sinzu said Godwon needs to start acting his age, we’ll Godwon was arrested when he was 25? Sinzu was arrested december 2013. Now this (if it’s him)

  2. Now what is more idiotic, the one who doesn't know that somebody suspected him coming on the backyard or the one who has left backyard open. Still the thief gets the punishment not the owner lol

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