Promoter Angry Over Cancellation of Wizkid California Concert, Takes to Twitter

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It was a busy day for me but one that was interrupted with notice of a canceled Wizkid California concert tour, four days prior to the upcoming show. Apparently, the Promoter behind the event was so upset he took to Twitter to air his grievances. He alleges EME solicited him for a concert. He obliged and took all the necessary steps including promoting the event heavily. Today, he received notice from EME’s management saying they could no longer continue with the tour because “something huge came up.”

His accusations and words against EME were quite strong and seeing EME’s modus operandi which has made them a model brand to follow in Nigeria’s music industry, I felt I needed to speak to EME before putting pen to paper on this issue. Having heard EME’s side, and offering my solicited 2cents, I think it prudent to let EME handle this situation with what they deem is the best direction to go for the brand.

However, suffice it to say the following:

1. This is not the first time I have discussed cancellation of concerts, especially in Nigeria’s music industry.

2. When a cancellation takes place, there is a responsibility on all parties involved to deal with what is a crisis in a respectful and expeditious manner so it does not blow out of proportion.

3. The fans who buy the tickets are priority; and their needs and distresses should be addressed immediately.

4. Promoters I am unsure taking to twitter is the best way to handle a concert gone wrong situation. Yes, your reputation may suffer and you have angry fans yelling at you. But, the wiser thing is to put a joint press release statement out with EME  and let fans know where and how they get their money back, or you put out a press release on your own. Further, if you believe you have been wronged, there is a court system to avail yourself of. Getting on social media and holding twitter court sessions helps no one.

First, it sends a poor image on how you handle challenges/crisis as a business owner, and second, it definitely warns others who want to do business with you to fall back because there is no telling what you will do if something goes wrong.

In any event, EME and the Promoter here should try to resolve this expeditiously and make sure, for starters, those who bought tickets get their money back.

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