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Rapper 2Shotz Attempts Damage Control, Only Succeeds in Confirming 100,000 Naira Fraud Allegations by Lead University Students


AML Artists, when music collides with the law, in the legal drama sense i.e. lawsuits, allegations of serious violations of the law etc. the treatment is not your standard public relations band aid (plaster). When you are accused of wrong doing, any and all things you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Even more specifically, evidence you put in the public forum comes in as an exhibit before a court (judge) or jury for either criminal prosecution (if we are in criminal courts) or to help a Plaintiff prove his/her case against you, if we are in civil court.

Accordingly, the first place you go is NOT a Publicist. You consult your lawyer, first. Your lawyer working in conjunction with your Publicist will then help craft a statement, if he/she deems it necessary, that responds to the allegations which carry serious legal liabilities/consequences.

In this case, clearly 2Shotz didn’t get the memo. He attempts, post allegations from Lead University that he defrauded them of 100,000 Naira, to do damage control. Specifically, he releases a statement to the press via his Publicist. It would be great if he stopped there. He doesn’t. He proceeds to add so called evidence of tweets he sent someone on twitter stating that Lead University was yet to pick him up.

The only problem with his version of the facts are:

1. He indeed confirms he was paid in full. If he was paid in full pursuant to basic law of contracts, then he should perform.

2. He however, appears to give the reason for a lack of performance to be that he was yet to be picked. The text was sent at 2:30am. AT 2:30AM IN THE MORNING ON A FRIDAY, 2SHOTZ WAS STILL EXPECTING THE STUDENTS TO PICK HIM UP. As in really? I know shows in Nigeria are notorius for starting late. However, as an artist, would you really be expecting event organizers to pick you up at 2:30aam? To perform for who?

3. Finally, 2Shotz does nothing to negate the glaring accusation of being drunk and fast asleep with six (6) women he requested(let’s call it his “perks”)  prior to performance.Student event organizers say they showed up to pick him up and when they did he was drunk and fast asleep.

Where are the tweets to the event organizers asking why they have not picked him up and stating his frustration? Shouldn’t that be what he releases to the public? The agreement to perform took place via twitter. Surely he could also follow up on twitter?

2Shotz, biko (please) refund the full amount or at a minimum, 75% of the fees you collected, back to the students. It is simply not a good look either way you look at it. You are not a novice in the game and this is simply not acceptable.


Alleged Publicist Statement in Behalf of 2Shotz

“It’s been deemed necessary for 2shotz to respond through his publicist, about the stories making rounds that he collected money for a fashion event in Lead City University Ibadan and refused to turn up.The said amount [N100, 000] was meant for 2Shotz appearance at the fashion show. It must be made clear that 2Shotz has a no refund policy of such fee.Unlike stories going round, 2Shotz was actually in Ibadan for the event but unfortunately, the organizers did not pick him (2Shotz) up at the hotel for the show.

As expected anywhere in the world, when you invite an artiste for an event,(especially outside his area of residence) it is the responsibility of the organizers to get the artiste to the said venue, something these organizers failed to do, as seen in the attached conversation.“I was very angry, that the organizers could bring me to Ibadan, and did not find it necessary to come pick me up at the hotel” said 2ShotzIt is rather unfortunate, that the organizers could still go ahead and paint up such story.”

The tweets to prove his alleged innocence


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