Raro Lae Interviews Black Panther’s Executive Producer Nate Moore and Costume Designer, Ruth Carter

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About a week prior to the release of the now globally renowned Black Panther, DMV based Nigerian-American media personality, Raro Lae, exclusively interviewed the Executive Producer, Nate Moore, and Costume Designer, Ruth Carter of the BLACK PANTHER. Catch up with the interview below.

-Ms. Uduak

While on The Raro Lae Show, Moore revealed that they actually included a scene in the movie that was meant to reflect the current terrorist attacks on Nigeria by Boko Haram. They specifically decided to shine the light on the missing Chibok Girls, but in the movie things took a twist for the better. Moore emphasized that they didn’t want to exploit it [missing Chibok Girls], they wanted to use the scene to shine a light on a real issue, that is ongoing — but he also had a deeper explanation in the interview.

Moore also addressed the Black Panther Cast & team visiting African countries to premiere the movie. He noted that both he and the director, Ryan Coogler have had conversations specifically about Nollywood — Nigeria’s film industry. Who know’s what may be in store for Nollywood actors & actresses!

Ruth Carter, broke down how/why she selected which cultures/ fashion styles to incorporate into the Wakanda (Black Panther’s cast) peoples style to Raro Lae. With styles from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and more.. the diversity of African culture was very apparent!

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