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“Your podcast had been my textbook for so long. It was through you I got to know other entertainment lawyers in Nigeria. Because of you, I know for certain that I was not crazy for choosing this career path. Whenever I get discouraged I hop right off to Africa Music Law. We’ve never had a conversation but I’ve already learned so much from you.Thank you for being you ma.” ~ Temlari Jane Gapsiso Esq./ Head of Intellectual Property & Entertainment at A.O. Victor

“Such an Amazon, a trailblazer, a protector, sunshine and light. Thank you for being an amazing person. You are rare and cherished. You have influenced a whole generation of greatness. God bless you greatly.” ~Fawehinmi (Foza) Oyinkansola /Entertainment Lawyer at Technolawgical Partners , Artist-Manager

“[T]hanks for your previous article on Afrinolly. We usually read everything
especially from key stakeholders like yourself, just like we usually keep quiet to have time to work on our vision: African Movies in Your Pocket! . . .” – Chike Maduegbuna/FansConnectOnline Limite

“I am a regular caller at your blog, African Music Law and I wish to commend you for your efforts. . .” – Chinedu Chukwuji/General Manager/CEO, COSON

“Good day. Let me go straight to the point .  .  .  I love your site, I’m hoping we could be able to do some business together in the near future.  .  . been reading some articles on your site and (I’m) really convinced you know your stuff. Absolutely brilliant. Pls how do [I] contact you ma?”– Don Jazzy/CEO Mavin Records

“I read AML daily. AML has continually provided great articles for entertainment law. What I love most about AML is Uduak’s approach, she takes the serious issues and handles them with an evenhandedness that all sides of the spectrum can understand. I love your articles. Keep up the great work.” – Benny Bing/Radio Operations Manager,

“AML is a site I have grown to respect over the past couple of months, primarily for one reason .  .  .  objectivity. AML respects no man or person but states their views as they perceive. More importantly, for each criticism or accolade they give, there is always an educational bit to it which leaves the reader better informed about the matter or issue discussed. . .Audu Maikori / CEO Chocolate City Group (music, media and movies), a Senior Partner at Law Allianz (IP Attorneys) and Director at Copyrights Society of Nigeria (COSON).

“As an entertainment lawyer myself, I have benefitted immensely from the brilliant analysis of legal issues related to artistes and stakeholders in the industry, as well as AML’s unique positioning in establishing a bridge between Africa and America.” – Dozie David Atueyi / CEO, Africa to America Productions LLC 

“I am selective when it comes to content or information on my industry because face it, we are looking to contribute to the change that is necessary.

Based on this, I have found a very valuable resource in keeping me up to date with the trends, news and issues concerning the industry.”

It is not just an entertainment site it is also informative and fresh in its approach. Emem Ema/ CEO of ONE Management and Vzhun Media 

 I enjoy the objectivity of AML’s analysis on the music industry, it is done with integrity that is refreshingly welcome. It is not content for content sake, it is content for value sake. Currently I am not in the industry, I used to be a few years back as technology person at TruSpot. I read AML because I love the music industry, I want to see it take shape as a properly structured industry and AML is documenting this progress excellently. I also want to gain insight on what’s happening as I prepare to make my entry as a technology services player. . .” Cheers, ~Ebikiri”

I love that AML takes relevant issues that affect the Nigerian music industry and thrashes them out legally… something that I don’t think has been done before. I love that AML gives savvy legal insight and information to upcoming acts in the music/entertainment industry… to help them grow. Who does that? Uduak apparently!” – Bola Aduwo, Publicist/Publisher /Screenwriter.

 I find AML to be very authentic with its articles and news (that show) a vast wealth of experience in the areas of Law and Entertainment.  . . ”-Bobby Taylor, Publicist & Founder of The Bobby Taylor Company.

“(I enjoy AML’s) unbiased realism and its education of the laws which govern the terrain. AML’s creation of awareness to the community, and most importantly its open ended discussions between cited issues/cases to engage its audience. – Ade Olufeko, “Leadership, Technology Consultant,” Currently Working as a Digital Strategist & Consultant (Media Platforms).

“I love the true grit approach to entertainment journalism, it is very unpretentious and I admire the time and effort put in to each story. Most blogs today just keep it short and simple but AML airs out in full detail the content in a way that plugs you in. The stories are written in most cases to educate and inform the entertainment community, most especially the rookies. AML can also be themed as the blog for the music industry’s elite. – Duncan Daniels is a Music Producer/Sound Engineer/ Singer/Songwriter at Dunkishrok Productions and ArtistMakers/Streamline/Interscope.

“[W]hat I enjoy the most about AML is that I know each piece is being backed up by extensive research, entertaining and also good legal information. As an industry executive I’m always excited to find out what’s going on in the industry from a legal aspect. To me, AML is what you get when you combine research with entertainment and great writing.” –Cos Canino,  Co Founder/Executive Director of Annual NEA Awards, CEO of UnderDaRock Entertainment.

  “I enjoy reading the articles on AML because they always have a neutral and very honest perspective on all topics. The articles are extremely refreshing to read as one can immediately tell that the opinions on AML are backed by great experience and intelligence. AML is definitely one of my top sources for music discussions and more.” – Tiwa Works – CEO of TiwaWorks,Inc. (An international marketing and consulting company) 

“I am an avid reader. Why? Because as a serious artist in both fashion and music I need to be aware of what’s going on in the business and politics of the entertainment world. I learn a great deal about other people’s mistakes and business ethics. Most important for me, it’s important to keep abreast with the legal side of music, a side that artist are so in the dark about. I want to know about issues, policies and the legal side of entertainment as an artist and owner. educates and breaks it down in an easy and informative way.” – Chosan, Artist, Community & Youth activist and owner of PaintSoul “hand crafted designs”. 

 “(I enjoy) the drama and stories concerning legal issues and possible legal routes anyone looking to pursue legal action could potentially take. Also gives some insight on how to avoid lawsuits especially when it pertains to copyright and IP issues.” – Demola Ogundele, Founder and CEO of #1 Nigerian music website. 

What I like most about AML is that it (k)eeps me informed and updated about what’s going on in the industry, especially in Africa. I know what I’m reading is fact. Also (as) a promoter, I have learnt a lot from reading AML about what to do and not do when it comes to music law, music business.” – Supo Dosunmu,  Founder/CEO/President of UNIQUE PROMOTIONS, LLC


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