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Review: EMPIRE – Music, Family & Power (Episodes 2-6) @EmpireFox


MusicFamilyPowerHey AML people. The past few weeks, I’ve had pressing priorities that has taken my attention away from AML. It didn’t help that I got sick and was out of commission for almost a week. However, it feels good to be back. I really want to talk to you all, uninterrupted. I think I’ll make that happen soon in our podcast episode(s). In the meantime, has anyone been keeping up with EMPIRE? I introduced the show about a month ago.

I’ve had the chance to watch the subsequent episodes 2-6 and here are a few thoughts from me:

  1. Overall, the story is still attention grabbing and filled with suspense.
  2. Sometimes the storyline is not as credible as it ought to be, given the focus on the music industry & music business.
  3. The middle child (Jamal Lyon) and the last child (Hakeem Lyon) lack any experience to run a music business, much less an empire like their father’s. If they will inherit their father’s ‘Empire,’ I think the script writers need to begin focusing on showing us how these two are working their way into gaining basic music business experience to run an ‘Empire.’
  4. Initially, the focus seems to be on the middle child’s sexuality and the father’s rejection of his sexuality as a gay man. However, I think the alleged tension or issue the father may have with the son’s sexuality loses credibility as we get into the 2-6 episodes. How many parents do you know who claim they have issues with their child’s sexuality/sexual preference, are willingly to pay thousands of dollars for that child so he can live rent free, eat their food and have all his needs catered to in a luxurious apartment with his boyfriend? The father in this drama has never once even spoken ill to his son’s boyfriend or asked that he vacate his son’s apartment. Truthfully, I see no true drama here, although it initially seemed like there was.
  5. I see two spoilt brats Hakeem and Jamal Lyon, extremely selfish parents, with unfinished business, who pity one child against another to satisfy their egos. Sexuality to me is not the issue but rather is Jamal qualified to run Empire. Right now, he along with Hakeem have zero experience. They have not even shown they can be successful artists, much less artist-entrepreneurs like their father.
  6. I also note that all of the darker skinned women in the tv series don’t seem to have positive roles with the exception of Gabourey Sidibe. I’d like to see a dark skin woman that is not flying off the handle every other minute.
  7. In any event, watch and let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    I've been watching, and I still love it. I have to catch up with this week's episode tonight. I'm glad to see so many under-used actors getting exciting work.

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