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Riri & Cici: A Tale of Two Sistas


What is going on  here? This beef is so overcooked I don’t think anybody could swallow it. Rihanna and Ciara have been going at it like two schoolgirls for over two years now and it is getting ridiculous. You know that chewy meat that you get from mama put that is so fried and dried that you can spend hours chewing it with no success at disintegration. All you’re left with is a headache and kpari sticking out of the side of your head. Spit it out already ladies!!!

rihanna ciarab>Ciara’s Recent Comment

As all my dancing queens know, Ciara is currently going on radio tours to promote her upcoming album “One Woman Army.” I personally am super excited, not because I just loooooove Ciara’s music, but because of the sexy dance videos. This is coming from a person who could do every dance move from “Goodies” “Like a Boy” and “Promise.” Ciara always blows my mind with her human rubber band moves. Anyway, recently she was interviewed on a bay area radio station and was asked about her relationship with Future whom she is currently dating. She was also asked about this beef between her and Rihanna. This was Ciara’s response:

“I think she’s nuts right now! Like whatevers going on because for me it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have beef with anybody, but I’m not going to be disrespected either. I wish her well. I don’t know what her problem is. She has a lot of good things going on with herself. A lot of good things I’ve always said I’ve been happy for her. I don’t get it. I really don’t, but I wish her well. I wish her positivity.”

Someone wrote an article on the interview and Ciara’s recent comment, and posted it on Instagram. Rihanna of course felt the need to comment under the article, which led to Ciara expressing her exhaustion with the whole ordeal on twitter.

free promeaux

The Origins of the Beef

So for those of you who don’t know, this beef all started in February of 2011 when Ciara was a guest host on Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police” on E! Ciara was asked to join the hosts in critiquing recent red carpet fashion displays. At some point during the show the hosts found themselves critiquing Rihanna’s turquoise Christian Dior gown that she had worn to the BRITs.  When asked her thoughts on Rihanna, Ciara decided to tell her temporary co-hosts about a recent encounter with Rihanna that she found rather unpleasant.

cici twitter

She claimed that the Riri wasn’t very nice to her at a party the two had recently (at that time) attended, which surprised Ciara as the two had never really had any issues. Joan Rivers being Joan Rivers, then proceeded to call Riri a b*#ch. And boy did that set fire to the rain.  Rihanna’s minions went into full attack mode, darting rude comments at Ciara. Eventually the word got back to Riri, but unfortunately it got back to her telephone style.

joan rivers

Have you ever played the game telephone? Where you sit in a circle with at least six people and one person whispers a message in the ear of another that is to be carried around the circle (the message-not the ear). Well, most of the time by the time the message gets back to the originator, it is arrant nonsense. It’s a great game for kid but it is also a game my mother played to teach us the dangers of spreading gist.

Rihanna heard that Ciara called her a b*tch and did not even watch the clip before she went IN!!!


Blame Game

Who do I blame in all of this? I blame Ciara. I don’t think it is Ciara’s fault; she didn’t start the rough play. But I do believe she should have just stuck to commenting on the dresses instead of gushing to Joan Rivers of all people about her girly problems with Rihanna. That being said, that does not give someone the right to just go insane on twitter because you merely shared your feelings. But come on!!! This is Rihanna we are talking about. I am not disappointed in her because I know what to expect from her (her name is bad girl Riri, seriously!!!).  Of course Rihanna did not handle this professionally but she hardly ever does handle confrontation professionally, so I am not surprised. I honestly think Ciara should have just ignored Rihanna or replied in a professional and courteous tone. That’s what Beyoncé does; that’s what Michelle Williams does. Shoooot, that’s what I do and I’m not a celebrity with an international image to preserve. Silence truly is the best answer for the foolish and if you must tweet, a simple message dismissing your assailant and their childish ways will suffice. Not all this talk of meeting up in the streets/outside. Come one people!!!  How do you sit on twitter having a certified argument with a certified pothead? How do you (high on pot) have time to get into an argument? Isn’t that supposed to be a happy drug?

Think Before You Act So You Don’t Have to React

It’s easy to judge when you haven’t been in someone’s shoes. But we all have twitter accounts and some if not most of us have been come at the wrong way on these accounts. Even when the little ghetto child inside of you is screaming “Give Us Us Free” Amistad style, you better not let it out. All it does is make you look stupid and petty. A lot of Nigerian artists today tweet before thinking, and it is sad. Some of you end up retracting your tweets and try to play it off like it never hit the internet (after someone has already screen munched it). You need to be proactive and not reactive.

You chose a career in entertainment and you need to understand that this is a career not a lifestyle. Like a magician, you must keep up appearances giving us the illusion that you have it under control even when you don’t. The same way clients won’t care that a lawyer is having a bad day when they expect her to show up in court, fans should not have to understand that you are having a bad day when you get to getting ghetto on social media. Gossip magazines, bloggers, uncouth colleagues, and even criticism of this nature, all come with the territory. You can’t control what people say to you or about you but you can control how you react and how you present yourself to the general public. You can’t have it all. If you get the money and the fame you also get the ugly step sisters (criticism and drama). So stop whining and be better.

-Ollachi Holman

Twitter: @enzetweets

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