Setting the Record Straight on the D’Banj-Kanye West Joint Venture Deal: The Alleged Facts

D'Banj Oliver Twist on KELLY RIPA Michael Strahan ShowI received this unsolicited email regarding the D’Banj-Kanye West deal. The email says I misrepresented the facts that D’Banj paid money to Kanye West for his G.O.O.D music deal and proceeds to explain the alleged actual facts with a lot of heaping of blame on D’Banj.

You can revisit my discussions on the Kanye West-D’Banj joint venture deal in the recent lawsuit filed against D’Banj for alleged outstanding debt of $240,000.00, in Nigeria, by a technology company. In that article I indicate there were alleged statements made that D’Banj entered into a joint venture deal with Kanye West and paid an arm and a leg. Indicating “alleged” statement is made does not make the statement in and of itself true, hence the use of the word “alleged.” To me, this is basic logical reasoning.

Nevertheless, here is what the sender of the email who misconstrued my representations had to say in setting the record straight on what he believes was the actual understanding between him and D’Banj.

NOTE: What’s lacking here is D’Banj and Don Jazzy’s own understanding of the alleged deal allegedly structured by this sender. D’Banj you and your team have my details. You are welcome to hit me up with your version of the facts, if you deem it necessary.

Name and contact information deliberately withheld by me.


I think that you are still getting the details of the deal that dbanj made with good music wrong. I would love for him to show you the contract as he had been doing when collecting money from investors and not using it for the purpose initially set for. Dbanj is a very talented “mr ripley”

DBANJ had a budget that myself and executives at good music structured for full album which Dbanj and I would control where funding would be allocated to after suggestions from good music.

The first incident where I was sure that Dbanj either did not have funding or just spent it somewhere else was in the promotion of “Oliver twist” in the US. When ideas for promotion from Def jam/good music came in, it was the first run around that Dbanj was doing making believe that Def jam was suppose to pick up the tab. He only made believe that he didnt know about something when it didnt not favor the outcome he wanted. He calculates every move he makes with surgical precision. He knew for sure that the deal allowed him to move around africa and that he owned his masters and publishing but he didnt know that he had to pay for promoting his project that affords him those rights ?

Dbanj managed to isolate jazzy out of the good music settings to be the sole benificiary of invested funds and he got what he wanted a solo performance till the end.


In the middle of negotiation with good music, Dbanj runs to London to sign with Mercury in order to appease whom ever he borrowed from to say that he was consumating his Internatinal deal by getting distribution in London as well . I really cannot understand the mindset of someone that unless there is chaos in a deal it doesn’t fall into what they are use to so they create chaos to feel comfortable

Please ask him or his handlers to show you the contract terms. His recollection is not as good as the written contract that I structured for him in full detail.

Don jazzy was able to honor his deal with me for all the work done why does Dbanj continue to manuever around with no honor to anyone but Dbanj.

Dbanj made an initial deal for universal to distribute his album and the label “mohits” at 20% of sales
50/50 with good music in return he would fund his album controling an approved budget that is to be agreed on by both parties in order that the sum spent is completely recouped first in gross earning by investors before any splits are distributed. In return, Dbanj owns 100% percent of his masters and has access to Universal system to push his label’s project. Africa as a continent was excluded from the deal which would give Dbanj even more leverage since most deals are worldwide with no exclusion.

I would love for the facts to remain facts and not a fabrication that he payed kanye for a joint venture which is completely untrue.

Dbanj got an administrative publishing deal that I also structured for him with kobalt music to save him from giving away his publishing and when it was time to compensate my percentage from setting up his catalog, he ran to Nigeria. Dbanj had never heard of kobalt prior to my introduction at the kobalt office with him and Don Jazzy.

There has to come a time where it is said that something has to be wrong with you when no one you come in business contact with has nothing good to say from dealing with you. There is not a single person left from his original setting. Everyone left from his methods of deceit and unscrupulous practices . There may be a physiological terminology for his condition which I am not qualify to diagnose but i really think that he needs serious proffesional help.


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