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SHOCKING: Audio Leak Reveals Dr. Sid’s Inflated Ego, Deep Anger & Jealousy Likely Behind D’Banj & Don Jazzy Mo’Hits Breakup

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

There is also another quote on character I love which comes from John Wooden. It says,

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

I am stunned, truly stunned, that Sidney Onoriode Esiri aka Dr. Sid, a dentist turned musician, has this much of an inflated ego, deep anger and jealousy towards the Pan African and Internationally known artist D’Banj. I am even more stunned that he thinks a famous artist and co-owner of a label who signed him (Dr. Sid) onto his (D’Banj’s) label is “overshadowing” him.

(That is like saying Jay-Z or Kanye West are overshadowing Dr. Sid if they sign him onto their labels.)

D’Banj released his freshman album in 2005, followed by his sophomore album in 2006 before Dr. Sid joined Mo’Hits which was co-owned/managed by D’Banj in 2007. D’Banj was already gaining notoriety way before Dr. Sid got on the scene. Is he for real? It is different if D’Banj was just a fellow artist. Then he should lay the blame on Don Jazzy and how Don Jazzy ran his record label, knowing how record labels function, rather than on D’Banj.

He says D’Banj overshadowed him. He ask in the audio clips, “why don’t they know my name?” He responds, “Because your brand and your star is too much. It is a big. .  .  It is overshadowing!”

Dr. Sid, it is simple. You lack D’Banj’s talent, stage presence and electrifying performance, among other key things, to get the kind of global notoriety he has. Many are called, few are chosen. You can still get there, you just need to sit on your HUGE ego and wait your turn.

He says “Batman and Robin, who them dey call? Na D’banj na. D’banj did more negative than positive for my career.”

Dr. Sid, I hate to be this crude but which career? The one the famous label owner helped you build with his business partner??

(Visit links to listen to audio clips)

Folks, our character follows us wherever we go. It is only a matter of time for Dr. Sid to begin the division he helped create in Mo’Hits, given what the audio leaks suggest. Further, with this leaked audio clips, which is allegedly only two weeks old, Dr. Sid tarnishes the Mavin Records brand and creates an appearance that Don Jazzy does not have it together.

By the way, can somebody tell me why in the world is Dr. Sid discussing with Davido, another label owner and artist, about the inner workings of Mo’Hits knowing fully well that the same Mo’Hits team, with the exception of D’Banj and K-Switch, is now Mavin Records? Is Don Jazzy a part of this discussion? 

The clips are at who have the full story and more clips.

Can’t we all just get along? No. We cannot because then y’all will have no need for lawyers. *Shrugs shoulders.* Welcome to Showbiz.

The song that comes to mind is the classic from IllBliss ft. Kel. & Suspect – The perfect sound track that I think that will be playing on the background when D’Banj hears or reads about this. SMH*

Warning: Mild Instance of Strong Langauge


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  1. femininepower says:

    Habaaa MS Uduak, don’t insinuate Mr DBanj with your sound track suggestion lol

    1. Insinuate D’Banj? Do you mean Don Jazzy? I don’t believe D’Banj will sit there while Dr. Sid attacks and blames him for hindering Dr. Sid’s music “career.” There is a voice that sounded like D’Prince/Don Jazzy but Dr. Sid has since confirmed those two were not present.


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