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Should Tiwa Savage’s Husband T-Billz Just Leave his Family, Especially his Children, Out of the Limelight?

T-Billz’s daughter turned 7 today and T-Billz took to his instagram page to share the great news. Considering he has been accused of not being involved in his daughter’s life by her mother; and now appears to attempt some form of co-parenting 6,000 plus miles away from Los Angeles, at least via the internet, should he just leave his family business offline?

Celebrities get mad when their families are dragged into the limelight but when they should keep the family, especially children out of the limelight, they don’t. Sweet message but do you think it should be from his mouth to his daughter’s ears only? I think so. You?


“Happy Birthday To Daddy Dearest…………..Seven years ago when I held you, I looked into your eyes and my life forever changed. I held you close and all I saw was me being reborn. The greatest feeling ever was what I felt looking into your eyes, I knew you are a Treasure from above. Continue below…

Can’t really describe the warm memories, The pride and Gratitude that came upon me that day. Kissing you for the first time, my heart got melt….I remember changing your diaper with joy, when you started crawling, your first set of teeth, the first time I saw you walking, it looked as if the nature was dancing.

The First time you called me TJ my heart went GaGa! It was a pleasure to see you in school uniform walking into your class. You were my comedian that kept me laughing with so much Joy regardless of how bad business was at the time. You brought abundant blessings into my life. I love admiring you when you are sleeping. I was always saying my daughter is the cutest thing in the world, So beautiful.

Your mum had to correct me that I couldn’t use Sexy for a baby. Lol so I adapted Pretty. Now that my baby is growing and influences are strong, I hope you remember the right from the wrong. Always say your prayers, my soul will always protect you from evil. Keep your manners, morals and sense of respect but must stand tall and proud, within you feel no fear, for all your dreams and goals sit before you very near, with God’s love in your heart and the world by its tail, You will always be a winner.

Listen and obey your Mum. (Seriously T-Billz? Why does the public need to know all this? Her mother said for years you have not been involved. Get offline and get to her, we don’t need to see or read this.)

I Thank your soul to choose me as your Father. I promise I will help you reach your destination. I want you to know Life is not fair and no one knows what or where life will take one tomorrow but I want you to know I and Your Mum LOVE You Unconditionally. I thank God for giving the Best Mother for you to Us….. ‘Happy Birthday My BeBe’ Have a Blessed B.Day!!!  via Ladun Liadi Blogspot

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